Sigma GJ 2.6L astron petrol

Good first car

48 words

Sigma gj SE 2.6 carb

Great little town or first drivers car

54 words

Sigma GSR 2.6

Honest, no frills, super reliable transport

45 words

Sigma GL 2.6 petrol

Really good first car!

19 words



83 words

Sigma GLX 1.6

A very relible and economical car for a realistic price

77 words

Sigma GJ Wagon Astron 2.6

A bad lemon with sweet handling for a station wagon

121 words

Sigma SE 2.0 Litre SOHC 4 cylinder petr

A bargain buy. Get the manual

70 words, 1 comment

Sigma GL 2.0 L petrol

Reliable first car, fun..

107 words

Sigma GH 2.0L turbo petrol

Fast, mad, a pure machine

26 words

Sigma SE 2.6

Sweet first car!

87 words, 4 comments