200SX SX 2.0 turbo

Awesome handling and performance

49 words

200SX SPEC S turbo w/ intercooler

A reliable brilliant machine at an unbeatable price

162 words

200SX Spec R 2.0 turbo

Brilliant performance - Bargain price

302 words

200SX Spec R 2.0 turbo Premium Umleaded

An excellent car with both attitude and personality

323 words, 5 comments

200SX Spec S 2.0 turbo

Definitely high performance for the price

100 words, 1 comment

200SX Spec R 2.0 litre turbo

Power, class and performance

126 words


200SX Spec S 2.0 non turbo

200SX : Sheer power, Pure performance and Style in a nice little package

388 words, 2 comments


200SX Spec r 2.0 turbo

115 words


200SX Sports Limited 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo

Awesome car that can be modified infinitely at a budget price

119 words

200SX 2.0 turbo

A pretend sport's car

51 words


200SX 2.0 turbo petrol

A high performance legend that is not given enough applause

448 words, 2 comments

200SX s14 2.0 turbo

High performance at a low price

72 words, 1 comment


200SX RS13 1.8 turbo

For its age, good all round car for my needs !

228 words


200SX 1.8 turbo petrol

High performance while still looking cool

160 words


200SX 1.8 twin cam turbo

Everything you'd want in a car

175 words