Nissan Silvia reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Silvia Q's SE SR20DE

It's an affordable, fun and classy sportscar

711 words


Silvia K's SR20 turbo

Excellent performance, even as an auto

47 words

Silvia S13 2.0 petrol

An excellent quality bargain

97 words, 5 comments


Silvia Q Sr20 non turbo

Great starting car for the import street racing world! :)

861 words, 1 comment

Silvia Q's 2.0 SR20DE

Machine, best upgrade from my Corolla

86 words


Silvia S13 Onevia rb20det

Ultimate slider

188 words

Silvia S13 2.6 litre turbo

Absolutely amazing

55 words, 1 comment

Silvia 1.8 non-turbo

Luxury performance bargain

430 words, 1 comment

Silvia SX 1.8 twin cam 16v

A modifiers' dream

84 words


Silvia S13 J's 1.8L petrol

Proceed with caution

264 words


Silvia K's 1.8 turbo petrol

Best bang for your buck

75 words, 2 comments