Corolla 1.6

Great reliable little car that is very cheap to maintain

173 words

Corolla CSX 1.6 Litre Caburator

Best 1.6 liter car

116 words

Corolla GT 1.6 4AGE

Unbelievable performance from a 1600 engine

246 words, 1 comment

Corolla FX-GT 1.6 Twincam EFi

Cheap fun practical car

62 words

Corolla CS 1.3L unleaded

Budget King

83 words

Corolla CS Sedan 1.5

Solid, reliable, with a bit of get up and go

300 words

Corolla GT twin cam 16 1.6 twin cam 16v

This car is a powerhouse,

179 words, 2 comments

Corolla CS 1.3 petrol

A very reliable small car

55 words