1985 Toyota Corolla FX-GT 1.6 Twincam EFi from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap fun practical car


Starter motor died.

Heater doesn't work.

Shock absorbers worn.

Electric mirrors don't work.

General Comments:

An absolutely fantastic car to drive. Revs freely to around 7500. Gearbox is smooth and slick.

The interior is in very good condition despite the age.

Parts are cheap and easily attainable.

Happy to run around town at low revs. On open roads it just rips along no problem.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

1985 Toyota Corolla CS 1.3L unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


Budget King


Bought this car for $1800 with 3 months registration and road worthy condition.

Had to replace rear shocks and front shocks which were worn, but still road worthy.

Horn Cable broke a few weeks after.

General Comments:

This car isn't what I would call a good car, but it is really good for learners or people with a budget.

It's 1.3l engine rocks! it just keeps going, but has no power (only 48kw).

This 85 corolla is the last of the rear wheel drives (KE70).

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2003

1985 Toyota Corolla CS Sedan 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Solid, reliable, with a bit of get up and go


Needed a new clutch at 130,000.

Driver's side window came out of its track.

Rear suspension needed replacing soon after I sold it.

Some usual maintenance:

Coolant flush

4 new tyres


The rear muffler got a hole in it so I replaced it with a 2" Lukey sports system from Exhaust Technology.

The paint was fading quite badly due to it not being garaged by the previous owner.

General Comments:

This was my first car.

I bought it from a dealer who harped on and on about how reliable and bulletproof these Corollas were. He was right!!

This car had a very strong engine and felt like it had been looked after well.

I had it just over a year and did 2 major services on it.

I was surprised by how much get up and go it had for a little old carburetored 1.5. Once I dragged off a Pulsar ET Turbo (Which looked a little worse for wear I'll admit).

This car didn't handle too well when pushed, there was a lot of body roll and not too much grip although the skinny 165/75 tyres probably had a lot to do with this.

After I put the exhaust on and mounted a tacho on the dash I enjoyed driving this car a lot more.

This car sounded great, especially around 3000 rpm when the power band really kicked in. Unfortunately the engine didn't like to rev that much, after about 5500 rpm it was all over and power just tailed off.

I very very foolishly (in a financial sense anyway) sold this car to buy an Alfasud Sprint. I would recommend this model Corolla to anyone looking to buy one; it never broke down on me, it sounded good with the exhaust and it went alright, even up hills.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2003

1985 Toyota Corolla DX 12 valve 1.3 from Portugal


Reliability on wheels


Till now I had no problems in my Corolla, except for the alternator that "died on me" in a long trip.

General Comments:

It's not a sports car, but you sure can have fun with it. Its reactions and the feeling it can give the driver are very interesting.

It's a family car with a good interior and with 18 years on it' back there's not a single mark of the years passing by.

Here in Portugal there's still lots of Toyota Corolla 12 valves FWD on the streets, but none like mine. Just beautiful.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

8th Dec 2007, 18:51


I am also from Portugal, and because of this site, I decided to buy a toyota corolla for my second car. I will post my experience soon.

1985 Toyota Corolla GT twin cam 16 1.6 twin cam 16v from Australia and New Zealand


This car is a powerhouse,


Hey, what's up.

I had a few minor problems with my corolla, but all I have needed so far is a new fuel injector hose and a new starter motor coil.

General Comments:

This car is power.

As well as comfort, this car offers great grip on all tyres, but wide tyres especially; 185/60/14's are a good choice.

When it comes to performance on the road, this is the best car I have ever driven/owned. At 7500rpm in 1st, I have achieved 65km/h, in 2nd 105, in 3rd 135, in 4th 170, and in 5th gear I have reached 195 km/h (it was reving at 6000). I have taken most cars that I have dragged, including a Ford Laser Turbo, Holden Astra, Rover Tomcat 2L (1992) turbo, Toyota Camry (1994 V6), Toyota Starlet (1999). I need a POD filter or K&N next, but I'm building a beast. The acceleration on this car is so over whelming when you hit 3500-4000rpm. The T-Vis injection system is powerful, yet economical. I recommend this car to anybody. It is better in 5 speed manual.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

25th Apr 2004, 15:58


I own an 86 Corrolla Twin cam, 62000 mile which I think is not too bad considering the age of the girl, but I have ordered a TRD 1800cc engine which I hope to have fitted along with TRD suspension, cage, diff and 5 speed quick shift box. I have loved the GT coupe for a long time and had always planned to buy one, but only recently bought it.

21st Feb 2007, 11:01

Hello there...

I am from pak and I also have a 4age Small port Non Tvis...>