Corona DX 1.6 petrol/CNG

Good honest car

245 words

Corona CX 1.8 petrol

Reliable and will last long as you treat it

150 words, 2 comments

Corona CS petrol 2 Litre?

Best car I've had. Most reliable

235 words

Corona S 2.0 petrol 4

Perfect first car that will run forever

1256 words, 3 comments

Corona CX 1.8 petrol & Natural Gas

138 words

Corona CSX 2 litre

A very reliable and cheap car suitable for first time buyers

73 words

Corona cs-x 2.0 ltr

The whole package in one car

132 words

Corona SE 1.9 litre Holden engine

Okay for a first time car, but drinks a lot!

433 words, 2 comments