1983 Toyota Corona DX 1.6 petrol/CNG from Australia and New Zealand


Good honest car


Alternator failed once. Easy fix.

Starter motor replaced once.

Water pump changed when it got noisy.

It seemed to me that most problems were related to the CNG system.

CNG (compressed natural gas) was a pain in the neck at times, but produced big savings as well. We could do 250 - 300 km's per week city driving for under $15.00. On long runs it could be surprisingly cheap to run.

The Toyota itself was simple and bullet proof.

General Comments:

This car served my young and growing family really well.

It was reasonably comfortable in the front seats, but the back seats were not so comfortable for adult sized passengers.

It gave the impression it could run well for many years. I was glad to have purchased our first Japanese car, rather than some ghastly British Leyland crap. Holden were also producing some pretty dismal four cylinder models.

We almost made the same mistake many Kiwis had made - buying non Japanese cars, thinking they would be of good quality. These companies appeared to abuse customers for their loyalty.

The Toyota Corona was an excellent car for N.Z. Some are still in use today. I liked it for its simplicity.

The mechanic we dealt with would often "fail" it for a warranty of fitness and replace one thing or another. We later found this guy to be dishonest.

He was receiving bonuses from his boss (and doing well) we later found out from a reliable source.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2012

1983 Toyota Corona CX 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable and will last long as you treat it


Main problem on this car would be the rust, as definitely the mechanical aspects of this car will outlast the body as care needs to be taken.

Head Gasket blew twice, first time at 240000, and just recently as well, causing the head to crack. Also some problems with fuel system which were costly to fix (about $200 in total) as well as the extra fuel consumption.

General Comments:

The car will last a very long time as long as you keep it in good conditions. Rust has caught up with my car so it is destined for the wreckers, but mechanically it is very good, and reliable.

Most models are issued with only AM frequency on the radio so that can be a bit of a bummer, although installing a new radio is quite tedious, as you have to pull apart a large part of the dash to get to it.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

8th Mar 2008, 16:38

Hey mate, I have got a 1983 corona auto they are 3 speed aye? and I'm only getting 70km out of $20 is that crap or what?

19th Jan 2010, 19:35

My Corona is great, it just had its first rust repair around the window, and the first and only thing to go wrong with it since I have had it is my alternator...

The biggest problem I have had with it is it keeps un-tuning itself, but that is apparently common with old Toyotas

But 245,000kms and my car is still going strong!

1983 Toyota Corona CS petrol 2 Litre? from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I've had. Most reliable


My Toyota had a cracked head when I bought it (as I later found out).

Engine smoked a bit consistent with wear.

The radiator was stuffed and needed replacing because engine cooling in summer heat (40 degrees Centigrade) was poor (probably cause of cracked head.

There is something wrong with the clutch or gearbox because the gears crunch if I drive it for long distances or short start stop journeys.

The front brake pads needed replacing.

The carbon button in the distributor cap needed replacing ($1)

Plugs, points, spark plugs, new oil and oil filter.

The wheel bearings re-packed with grease all around with new bearings on the rear wheels.

Air Conditioning re-gassed - works fine.

Engine freezes once or twice when turning key to start. Appears to be disable switch. Turn key back, take out, put in, try again. Always starts.

Driver's seat needs to be repaired (collapsed a bit)

A bit of rust, but not bad.

No body rot.

General Comments:

ChemiWeld costs about A$12 and a bottle in the radiator (left in) cured the cracked head. Marlows, Woolworths sell it or a similar product (Liquid Glass).

Gearbox oil needs topping up from time to time. Stops gears crunching. Put in Nulon manual gear additive.

Engine has not run distance, for years - say 20,000km per year x 20 years- say 400,000km, but put in Nulon engine treatment - no more smoke and improved economy.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2003