Corona GX Liftback 1.8 Litre

Great drive, but heaps of rust

99 words

Corona CS-X 2.0L 2s-c

Go the mighty Rona!

180 words

Corona ST150 Liftback 1.8

The best built Corona ever

79 words, 1 comment

Corona CS 1.8 Leaded petrol

Good reliable car for anyone,

65 words

Corona CS 2 litre

Reliable and cheap to run

39 words

Corona CSX Standard 4 cylinder petrol.

Reliable and hardworking considering the age of this little car.

85 words

Corona CSX 2.0 leaded

Luxurious reliable first car for a teen

78 words

Corona CS 2.0

For the age, high performance, cheap repairs

192 words

Corona SE 1.8

A absolutely reliable set of wheels that seems to be indestructible

223 words

Corona CS 2.0

A great teen first car

117 words, 1 comment

Corona Avante 2.2 Injected

Nice little cheap car

43 words

Corona CS 2.0L

Cheap to run, reliable and comfortable for long trips

136 words