1984 Toyota Corona CS 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


For the age, high performance, cheap repairs


Fist, it was the fuel pump. This blew after I had done about 40,000 Km, meaning at about 260,000 Km.

The engine had been reconditioned by my dad (the previous owner) at about 120,000 Ks.

Leaked oil ever since the reconditioning... Typical Re pco quality!!

Carpet worn under drivers feet, but still not too badly for 300,000 Km.

Head gasket blew at 293,000 Km.

Hydraulic lifters shot... very noisy.

Torque converter on the auto blew, so converted to a manual, huge change in performance. :)

Rod- end Engine bearings wore out at 275,000 Km, replaced, worked fine.

Rear drum brake cylinder seals blew, converted to rear discs and limited slip diff, again, reasonable increase in performance (both acceleration and braking).

General Comments:

Overall, this is an excellent car, and even though the engine is pretty much shot as is, I am going to fix it. these cars are easy to find spares for, hard to find performance parts for (Damn!!), reliable, comfortable, easy to repair and service, the engine layout is the simplest I have ever seen in a car. even more so than my old Peugeot! When they're running well, they are GREAT!

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

1984 Toyota Corona SE 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A absolutely reliable set of wheels that seems to be indestructible


Initial failure of front wheel bearings at 75000 possibly due to steam cleaning in japan - it was a secondhand import.

Similarly the cam belt lost it's teeth at 120000 km.

Cam belt tensioner bearing failed at 150000 km ruined the oil pump seal.

Car heater valve failure resulted in total water loss from the engine and over heating at 220000 km. Replaced and no problems.

General Comments:

A fantastically reliable set of wheels.

The 1.8 liter multi-point fuel injection is economical and efficient. The engine can take off in 4th without a moan. The engine combined with a 5 speed manual gearbox works really well, and pulls away at almost any speed.

It has done close to 1/4 million km without a spark plug change for the last 150000 km and oil has only been topped up since then as I was going to sell it off, but never did. It still does not use any oil.

The think has pulled a double horse float with two horses on board - close to 2 ton and really worked without a whimper.

The only comment against it is that being white it has become subject to rust attacks.

And the seating is for smaller people under 5ft 8in to be comfortable, and the body is light and consequently only nice and quite on smooth roads.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003

1984 Toyota Corona CS 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


A great teen first car


Head gasket was blown when I purchased the car.

The fuel pump died at 305000 Km.

Carburetor starting to idle at odd revolutions at 310000 Km.

A piston cracked at 311000 Km. The engine has been replaced - it is now a 1.8L Japanese import with about 60000Km on it.

Radiator cleaned out at 311000 Km, along with new timing belt and radiator hoses.

Window and door seals are wearing off and need replacing.

Suspension needs to be fixed.

New brakes on all four wheels at 312000 Km.

General Comments:

The car just keeps going.

A nice quiet car.

Handles well for no power steering.

Seats are comfortable.

Hardly any rust.

Strong and well built.

A good first car.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003

12th Jul 2009, 21:13

Toyota CS Corona, purchased for $1500 in 2003.

New tyres late 2008, passed roadworthy in 2007.

New timing belt needed in Nov 2008, original belt was still on vehicle.

Fuel efficient and quiet, good running car.

Have had some problems since a water substation was erected, car broke down 3 times in 3 months at this sub station, each time electrical. Replaced alternator, generator and distributor at each break down. (noticed at least 8 other cars broken down at exact same location)

Only real problem is almost any key will fit locks, allowing for fuel theft, make sure to leave no valuables in car.

A quiet, reliable car, comfortable, air con is good s is heater, radio and cassette player of good sound quality, no complaints, would buy another if needed.

No rust, silver metallic type paint of day shows no sign of ware, still gleams.

Front indicator lens tends to fall off in high heat days and extreme cold days.

1984 Toyota Corona Avante 2.2 Injected from Australia and New Zealand


Nice little cheap car


Central locking played up.

Speedometer stuffed up at about 180,000km's (my sister owned the car before)

Starter motor gone at 190,000.

General Comments:

Nice little car, goes pretty good for its size and price. Perhaps doesn't look the best, but it gets you from A-B.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2002

1984 Toyota Corona CS 2.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to run, reliable and comfortable for long trips


This car has been very reliable and the only things that have gone wrong with it are understandable as it has over 300,000 km on it.

Mechanical fuel pump started to leak as the car is always ran on gas - Replaced this with an electric fuel pump.

The head gasket needs replacing know as the car is blowing smoke, but it is still drivable.

General Comments:

This is a very reliable car considering its and the amount of km's it has been driven.

It is running on gas so it is an extremely cheap car to run.

The performance is not all that great, but the excellent economy and reliability make up for this short coming.

I find the seats in this car a lot more comfortable than seats in Holdens and Fords of a similar age.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2002