2005 Renault Laguna 2.0 turbo


Beautiful, fast, sporty ,family, luxurious car


- Gas pedal.

- Turbo needs changing at 1500 euros cost.

- The doors don't lock.

General Comments:

It's a very beautiful, sporty, family trip car. With the 17 inch rims it's more beautiful.

The leather gives a luxury sense.

The engine is powerful with a top speed of 260 km/h.

It's not very economical on fuel... 10 euros runs out after 70 kilometers, and fuel costs 1,65.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2014

31st Aug 2014, 21:54

I agree with you my man. I have the same car... it's fantastic, but on mine the turbo runs OK with 230,000 miles!

22nd Nov 2015, 07:01

Calculated that you got the English equivalent of 32 MPG over that 70 km, which is probably OK, especially if it's in town stop start km... (I realize that this is a very old post, but what the heck). This is what I would have expected... performance though with that brilliant 2.0 turbo diesel is almost as good as my V6, so in reality it's no slouch either. Wish that they had imported the diesel Laguna II in wagon form here in NZ... would have bought one, but am happy with the 3.0 V6.


2001 Renault Laguna Expression 1.6 petrol


Excellent handling / comfort, but very poor build


The side mirrors control button died at 1,000 km.

The air conditioning temperature sensor presents frequent problems so I have to switch to manual. It has been "calibrated" twice with no results.

The power steering lost all of the hydraulics at 25,000 km.

The tachometer malfunctioned at 20,000 km.

The whole instrument panel presented problems at 23,000 km. It has been fixed twice, but is has just died on me again.

The ball joint of the front left wishbone was replaced at 37,000 km.

There is some play of the rack & pinion.

General Comments:

This is a very comfortable and safe vehicle. I drive fast & turn hard everyday going to work and back and the Laguna simply flies! It corners like a sports car without the hassle. It really handles like it's on rails, much better than my previous Peugeot 306.

The quality of build though is very poor. At 38,000 km, 18 months of ownership and absolutely no accidents, the car has been in for service for a total of ten working days, which is in my opinion unacceptable.

It feels better than the Peugeot, but if it goes on causing me trouble. I'll ditch and and never buy any French car again.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2003

5th Jul 2003, 14:27

Complete PANTS my friend... that's Renault for you, i WILL not be repeating the process... we have a Scenic, and it too has had all the faults, is it really worth it? buy a push-bike instead!!

23rd Jul 2003, 07:06

OK, I'm the owner of this Laguna with news.

The dealer kept the car in for 3 days and finally replaced the whole dashboard panel due to a faulty chip. Even though the car was out of warranty, they covered it because the fault had appeared within the warranty period.

They also replaced the other wishbone too because that ball joint had a problem as well. Also for free.

A new problem now! They steering wheel lost the hydraulic fluid again!!! I am taking it in to the dealer later on this week once more...

The Renault people are friendly, but this car is starting to give me the creeps...

1994 Renault Laguna RN 1.8


A fun to drive, stylish family car


Battery off at 10.000 km (to be fair, the car was left for almost 2 weeks with its engine off) and being replaced by a more powerful one.

Dust intruding somehow in the boot. Really irritating, as I haven't found the solution yet.

General Comments:

Unfortunately, the car's horsepower (95hp) is inadequate. I love the engine's torque, though!

Grip and handling beyond logic. Brakes also very powerful.

Suspension and seats extremely relaxing, interior space really big and of high quality.

I love its design, in and out. Especially the front part with the "nose", can't be confused with anything else!

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

24th Jul 2001, 04:57

Hello there!

I am truly sorry that this beautiful, expressive and aggressive Renault "nose" doesn't exist any more... I really wonder why the new Laguna doesn't have this characteristic mask any more. If you see an old Laguna next to a new en face, you'll understand what I'm talking about. The new looks too conservative for me, at least as concerns the front part; it looks like any other car, a Vectra or a 406 for example! I can't figure out why Patrick Le Quement (the man who created Twingo, Laguna 1, Megane phase 1, Clio etc.) lacks good ideas any more. As a matter of fact, I can by no means understand why that silly-looking Vel Satis is regarded as a successfully designed car. Concluding, although Laguna II is an astonishing car overall, allow me to keep my "old" Laguna as much as I can. And leave the "new" one trying to steal few eyes from the original!


A sincere Laguna lover.

13th Jan 2004, 09:27

I own a Laguna 1 SW since 1997, bought new. It now has 124000Km. History: cambelt replaced at 70000Km exhaust front discs and shock absorbers replaced at 90000Km, now water pump, windshield cleaner pump and rear brake pumps just replaced. Don't mention consumables such as tires, disc brake pads and so on.

Never left me on the road, has been the most reliable car I had. I now have to change, and I don't like the aesthetics of its successor. Probably moving either to an Alfa 155 (less space) or to a PT Cruiser. My other car is a Fiat Barchetta, also bought new on 2003...

The only things I don't like on my Laguna: engine lacks power, outside plastics fade with time and the steering wheel peels off with time.

1995 Renault Laguna RTI 2.0 16V


Excellent all round, but you have to pay a lot if have a small accident


Paint scratches are easily acquired.

General Comments:

Very spacious, comfortable, chic but has expensive parts, servicing and high depreciation. I believe Renault should look better the marketing part of the game.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2000