2005 Chevrolet Optra 1.6A


Smooth running, but bad aftersales & service


Engine suddenly stops while driving. When taken to Chevrolet service centre, couldn't rectify the problem.

General Comments:

Very bad after sales & service. Don't know if this mechanics has knowledge of rectifying the problem. I don't think so they are trained too. They keep guessing things! What a shame! Then why sell or market Chevrolet!

No need for service centres when they just can't rectify problems!

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Review Date: 1st October, 2010

2005 Chevrolet Optra 1.6


Do not buy it


- 1st year I got the car I only serviced and repaired at Chevrolet service center. They charge expensive and never solved any of the problems, even if the car was still under warranty.

- One plastic part was came of at the tip of dashboard 1st week I got the brand new car. Seems to be fixable since it's still in warranty period. Unfortunately the dealer fail to fix it.

- Lots of wiring problems since I got it first hand in May 2005.

- Alarm went crazy after 30,000km.

- All reading lights not working after 5000km. Change the bulb few times but it's not working permanently after a year I own the car.

- Front light bulb has to be change frequent after 3,000km. The standard bulb I replace at service center is too expensive. At last I replaced a with cheaper Bosch bulb from cheap car spare part shop myself, and never had problem on the front bulb issue ever since.

- Manufacturer should give dry cell battery as standard instead normal battery.

- At 60,000km the car had engine oil leakage.

- Extremely expensive spare parts, timing belt, baring, brake pad, every single part is expensive to replace. My advice, do not go to the dealer or service center if you want to buy parts but get it yourself from spare part shop and fix it at some other workshop. The Chevrolet service center will only bring worst damage to your car.

- Bad after sales service by dealer. Seems they don't know anything about the car. They just don't care.

- Low 2nd hand value.

General Comments:

This is a comfy car. I love riding it. It feels like an expensive car when cruising. A spacious car too.

If not due to bad after sales service, expensive spare parts and unreliability of its parts, this car would have been great experience for me. Petrol consumption is high. I wish I can get rid of this car as soon as possible, it's a total loss, but cannot do much because 2nd hand value is so bad. I should get a Toyota or Honda instead.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008

17th Dec 2008, 22:16

Just to let you know I have a Honda Accord 2002 with only 125,000 km, I have spent soo much money repairing this car in the lat year you would not believe!

I now bought a second hand Chevrolet Optra 2005 for a wholesale price with only 44,000 km certified by GM.

This Honda Accord would slip vigorously forward and backward, I would press on the accelerator and it would not accelerate at all, but the rpm would be increasing. Same when driving at 70 km, it would downshift for no reason to 30 km in two seconds, talk about scary! It turned out that the coil of something had to be changed, wasn't letting gas reach the engine or something, all I know it costeme $1000 with parts and labour.

Now my alternator had to be changed for $600 and guess what, my transmission is going in the next year max, another $2000!

So I am sorry to say but my $28,000 best Japanese car on the market was totally a waste of money especially for that mileage and I am original owner, and took care of my car!

So whoever wants to dish American cars and say Japanese are better, honestly it all works out to the same in the end. I paid soo much to buy the nice and 'amazing car' and spent a lot in repairs at a mileage soo low!