2005 Chevrolet Optra 1.8


One issue with the car right now... wheezing noise which gets louder as the car goes faster (even on neutral or engine turned off). Checked with service center in Cheras and the guy (with 3 mechanics looking at it) said it was the front right tire bearings.. WRONG! And then he wanted to change the left after charging me over rm200.. took it to another service center and this guy says it's the gearbox and just to check it will cost me rm1200... sigh.. now I'm beginning to regret buying an Optra.

General Comments:

It's comfortable, but the after sales service has to be improved tremendously.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2007

2005 Chevrolet Optra LT 1.8


All OK except the consumption is high

General Comments:

I just recently purchased this care and was promised that it will be fitted with a "Blaupunt" 5 CD changer player, but I was given a Kentwood, 1 CD player.

There is a button to control the volume etc... from the steering, but apparently it is not working.

I have told this to the salesman and he told me to write in.

As for the rubber along the windows and on top, it is worn out. In addition, the wipers too.

The speaker near the windows are also not working.

I just pray and hope that the above will be looked into by those concern.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

2005 Chevrolet Optra 1.8


Alarm goes off without anything triggering it, so I can't set the alarm anymore. Manual locking is the only option.

Jerks when shifting from N to D.

General Comments:


Minimal cabin noise.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2007

30th Dec 2007, 22:29

The alarm going off has a simple fix... there is a device in the bonnet that must be cleaned with a solution and you are done. You can do this at any service centre.

21st Apr 2008, 01:48

Chevrolet Optra 1.8 - Overall it's good, but how to stop the alarm if it is triggered? And say if the remote control is not functioning any more?

2006 Chevrolet Optra 1.6 AT 1.6




When I'm driving above 110kmh, I can hear the wind noise from the door, Is it normal because the car is known for quite and good insulation. Anybody could feedback to my comment?

General Comments:

So far so good except I have to do tyre balancing & alignment again upon receive the car.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

14th Oct 2007, 10:44

Same as my 1.8 AT model,I think the quality is not there, that's why they 'lelong' their car so cheap.. so what to say..

2004 Chevrolet Optra LT 1.8


A new breed growing well in Malaysia


Cup Holder clip broke on the first day. (Rectified and replaced).

Whining Sound from engine. (Bearing replaced).

Wind noise at 110km/hour. (Paned re-glued and rectified).

Air Conditioned compressor sound when pressed the accelerator. (Still awaiting parts to be replaced).

Tyre Noise. (Not under warranty).Therefore I have to resource other 'silence type' tyre by myself.

General Comments:

This car comes with Full Time Traction Control. It controls handling very well. Even a suspension was tuned nicely just like Lotus handling.

Cabin is seriously nice until those who sat in my car felt like it has no Korean car feeling. Legroom is spacious for front and back.

The engine derived from Holden.Rough, but tough. Somehow rather the engine timing has been advanced. Add some X1-R will soften the engine noise. Be careful with the type of fuel used for the engine. Lower fuel quality caused the engine to knock.Means, be careful with the petrol station you used. They may add some substance and it will reduce the fuel quality. OR buy octane booster.

Agent: No comment.

MAIN COMMENT:Dealer need to justify the promotion.'Quiet' car. A brochure shows the car in the philharmonic hall is not quite right. I can feel wind noise at 100km/h and tyre noise need to be rectified.

Customer: Technical knowledge needed. With the knowledge you will know how good is this car. I learned myself.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2005

25th Nov 2005, 09:51

Hi, what is that X1-R you are talking about, can you provide more info of website.



Please email me.


23rd Jan 2006, 18:01

XR-1 is a oil additive that is supposed to reduce the friction in your engines moving parts, thus improving performance by abit and also reducing noise. shud be able to find it at most motor accessories shops.