2004 NAZA Ria GS 2.5L V6 petrol


The car is good, except for the very poor after sales service


Fuel consumption increase, less power after changing the timing belt at 60,000km.

O2 sensors and air flow sensor failed after timing belt change out.

General Comments:

I first bought my Naza Ria GS in 2005. It is a good MPV for my family. Over the years my car was perfect and no problem at all.

The only complaint is its fuel consumption. I used to achieved around 300km on a full tank of 65 litres of petrol.

With that fuel consumption, I designed and built my prototype Hydrofuel system to increase torque, horsepower and improve fuel economy. I managed to achieved 480km on 65 litres on city roads. On long distance driving at 110 to 130km/h speed, I managed to achieved 700km on 65 litres of petrol on Sarawak Trunk road from Miri to Kuching. That is good fuel efficiency.

My Naza Ria was running as a Hydrogen Hybrid for 3 years and no problems at all. I used CJ-4 Full synthetic lubricant all time. I never used the Naza Ria Authorised workshop recommendation as they stock XXX brand blended in Singapore.

I have seen a lot of Naza cars being overhauled at these workshops everyday. I had advised these workshops to recommend synthetic oil to Naza car as they are made of aluminum alloy and overheating is a major problem.

Then, 60000km, I sent my Naza Ria to have the timing belt change. Besides that, I found that the water pump and the main fly bearing was slightly leaking and have them changed. Man, the cost was RM3800.00. Then I found that there tempered marks on the engine block. The timing belt casing was broken. From these I could tell that these engines must have been repaired before I bought it new.

I took pictures of the tempered marks and the broken plastic casing and contacted Naza Ria Technical services in KL. They did contact me and they said that they would follow up with the authorised workshop in Miri. After 3 months today, Naza Ria NEVER came back to me. This is bad... bad technical service support.

When the engine was re-installed and tested, it was fine for two days. Then I experienced spark plug missing firing; changed them and they are the same. Changed spark plug cables and still the same. The workshop technicians do not know to read the diagnostic scanner that they have. Initially, I asked them to let me have a look at the data and they refused. Then I told them I am an engineer and should be no problem understanding the data of the scanner.

There were O2 sensor errors codes and air flow sensor errors, which the technicians don't even bother to look into. They just reset/erased the error codes and not having the problem solved. The price for these O2 and air flow sensors are way too high. I bought these parts from On-line store for 1/3 price, installed them myself, reset the ECU and my Naza Ria is back to its original state.

To tell you all, Naza Ria MPV is a good car for a the family. All you need are : 1. Use CJ-4 Grade Synthetic oil for 10,000 range, 2. Use 50% Gycol x 50% distilled water coolant from MB or BMW or Toyota. 3. If you could install Patented Hydrofuel system. Hydrofuel system keeps the engine runs cooler, more torque and horsepower and less maintenance, lubricant oil last longer as there are less carbon built up inside engine.

For those who are thinking of buying these car, try Japanese, they are much reliable and better fuel efficient. All engines with ECU must use synthetic oil. It's worth the price instead of engine repairs.

All the best. GO GREEN.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2010

13th Aug 2010, 09:14

I just placed a RM100 deposit to buy a 2005 NAZA Ria from a used car dealer. I just want know, is it worth buying?

22nd Feb 2011, 23:44

I want to buy a 2004 NAZA Ria in black color.

I just want to know how much is it for a timing belt and what are the major things to change on the 2004 model?

2008 NAZA Ria SE 2.5L GV6


Reasonable running cost


So far no problem happened.

General Comments:

Previously, I had a Toyota Estima 3.0L, but due to my business's down turn, I had no other choice to trade it in and get a new Naza Ria (Kia Carnival). Because I've got 4 kids, I think it classifies as big family.

On first day, when I received my Ria, in my mind, I was always under estimating the capability of Korea cars, no choice; this is only my affordable MPV car for my business situation at that time for my family.

After I drove Ria for a year, I was found that the Ria as not so bad as compared to the Toyota Estima, it is very stable on the road, internal spaces are big and comfortable while seated during long distance travel. Quite reliable internal compartment accessories, and the engine power has been maintained since the first day the car was released.

Quite nice car the NAZA Ria, I was doing right to swap my Toyota Estima 3.0L for the Ria.

Pertaining to petrol consumption, it is quite reasonable by carrying Ria body weight 1998kg on the road.

Now I'm confident in Korean car design.


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Review Date: 5th January, 2009

17th Mar 2010, 08:12

I agree with you, because so far I have driven this car for 2 years, there are no problems. For the price, I think it is good car.

14th Apr 2010, 04:45

Hi guys out there,

It's nice to drive a NAZA RIA 2.5, whether you're a big family or not.

What I experienced is that it's so comfortable, few problems, and very steady if you drive, even if you go to the speed of 150km/h. I've been using it for 5 years, and no such hassle occurred.

Just gentle reminder to all the readers; to have good car, just follow the maintenance schedule according to the mileage. And observe those basic rules before you start your vehicles.

Happy driving and safe journey.



27th Jul 2010, 01:42

Yes, I totally agreed with you, and I sold my Ria after 5 years and bought a reconditioned Estima. I really regretted buying this Estima, as it started to consume engine oil (3 year old car), and worse still, it does not have any warranty period as I bought from AP holder. It cost me RM180k, and now I have to bear the cost of repair after using it for 6 months only.

Please think twice if you want to buy this type of car, before you regret it.

Worst car I ever bought...