2008 NAZA Ria SE 2.5L GV6


Reasonable running cost


So far no problem happened.

General Comments:

Previously, I had a Toyota Estima 3.0L, but due to my business's down turn, I had no other choice to trade it in and get a new Naza Ria (Kia Carnival). Because I've got 4 kids, I think it classifies as big family.

On first day, when I received my Ria, in my mind, I was always under estimating the capability of Korea cars, no choice; this is only my affordable MPV car for my business situation at that time for my family.

After I drove Ria for a year, I was found that the Ria as not so bad as compared to the Toyota Estima, it is very stable on the road, internal spaces are big and comfortable while seated during long distance travel. Quite reliable internal compartment accessories, and the engine power has been maintained since the first day the car was released.

Quite nice car the NAZA Ria, I was doing right to swap my Toyota Estima 3.0L for the Ria.

Pertaining to petrol consumption, it is quite reasonable by carrying Ria body weight 1998kg on the road.

Now I'm confident in Korean car design.


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Review Date: 5th January, 2009

17th Mar 2010, 08:12

I agree with you, because so far I have driven this car for 2 years, there are no problems. For the price, I think it is good car.

14th Apr 2010, 04:45

Hi guys out there,

It's nice to drive a NAZA RIA 2.5, whether you're a big family or not.

What I experienced is that it's so comfortable, few problems, and very steady if you drive, even if you go to the speed of 150km/h. I've been using it for 5 years, and no such hassle occurred.

Just gentle reminder to all the readers; to have good car, just follow the maintenance schedule according to the mileage. And observe those basic rules before you start your vehicles.

Happy driving and safe journey.



27th Jul 2010, 01:42

Yes, I totally agreed with you, and I sold my Ria after 5 years and bought a reconditioned Estima. I really regretted buying this Estima, as it started to consume engine oil (3 year old car), and worse still, it does not have any warranty period as I bought from AP holder. It cost me RM180k, and now I have to bear the cost of repair after using it for 6 months only.

Please think twice if you want to buy this type of car, before you regret it.

Worst car I ever bought...

2004 NAZA Ria 2.5 liter


Never buy NAZA car or you will have regrets


Frequent wheel bearing damage affects alignment and tyre wear since day 1.

Internal door latching broken at driver and passenger seat.

Sliding door touching door frame when sliding causing paint damage and rust since day 1.

Built in audio set lights malfunctions.

Tyres worn out exposing threads within 6 months.

Vibrating noises coming from interior panels since day 1.

PVC covers for set frames or linings came off because the plastic broke at screw holes.

Noisy sound from wheels during driving.

General Comments:

The car is not worth buying, although the price is considered cheaper. The maintenance, parts replacement and damaged parts really cost a lot of money in the long run.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2008

2005 NAZA Ria 2.5L




Water seeped into the block oil noted at 24000km service. Need to change short block of engine.

General Comments:

Naza Kia has taken it's time to approve the warranty claim.

Car regularly serviced at authorized workshop. Car in the workshop 3 weeks without approval for work to be done. Customer service really bad.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2008

2006 NAZA Ria SE GV6




No problem.

General Comments:

To All Malaysian, Kia Carnival (Naza RIA),

1. There was improvement made start from year 2006 manufacture for Naza RIA.

2. NO engine overheat symptom (require to maintain with fully synthetic SAE 0W-30), this oil is design for GV6 engine. REMIND from Kia expertise.

3. Regular service (10,000KM) require for Naza RIA.

4. Air filter change (20,000KM), this will keep engine consumption efficiency.

5. Don't drive this car like a cow; this is MPV car, not a SPORT car.

6. Petrol consumption 24 cent/KM (body weight 2000kg) in town traffic.

7. Don't expect too much with buying price only RM$109K (Naza RIA).

8. I am driving Kia carnival for the past, by changing car, now RIA with me also. (Not me only have Naza RIA, my friend group also has them, and all felt HAPPY to have so comfortable MPV)

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008

10th Jan 2008, 08:13

Fully agreed what has been posted on 3 Jan 08.

The Kia Carnival engine was developed in Korea with four season weather. As for today, Naza bring Kia Carnival into Malaysia people's to relax. In the end, no appreciation to Naza, but complaint a lot without knowing the problem is.

I am quite understand all this type of people's are complaint a lot about Kia Carnival, because they are not fully understand of how to keep maintain the Kia Carnival V6 engine.

As mention, this Kia Carnival (Naza Ria) V6 engine design in four season country, today bring into Malaysia with whole year summer and high humidity season, user definitely need to follow the Kia expertise advice.

- Engine oil grade for V6 2.5L cannot change anyhow, must maintain oil grade fully synthetic SAE 0W-30 (this is what Kia tested oil grade are suitable to Malaysia weather.

- Check reservoir water level every interval 2 weeks. if below the LOW level, require to add coolant water.

- V6 engine must service every mileage 9,000KM or 10,000KM is the BEST.

- Air fitter changing every interval 15,000KM was the BEST result.

- The four tyres must exchange between front and back every interval 10,000KM to prevent tyre flat ealier.

- If CAR vibrate in highway drive, Tyre balancing require to readjust.

- Alignment not neccesary, this is Kia expertise told, Kia already has fully design stable alignment.

Why the Naza only warranty those people's are use oil grade with SAE 0W-30 for Kia Carnival V6 engine, because Naza knew very well this grade of oil is the BEST and suitable.

If we didn't follow strictly the Kia expertise advice, We better don't complaint's about Naza and Kia Carnival. If we comment something is not right. This is really unfair to Kia and Naza. Our word might be kill them. I am not protecting them, I only to tell the truth, this is what my experience.