2005 NAZA Ria GS 2.5 V6


Fun and comfortable family MPV


Miss alignment, car goes left slightly when steering wheel is released.

Slight vibration at a 100 KPH due tire balancing.

General Comments:

I think the car is superb for a family of seven and it costs very low. The passengers have control of their own aircondition and light. the good part is that for RM104K, you get leather seats, electric driver seat, aircraft type pull up tables, sunroof, powered front and rear windows, Airbags, ABS, and the fun of a 2.5liter V6 engine. Downfall however would have to be the fuel consumption, 15 cents to 25 cents per Kilometer!

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2005

19th Sep 2005, 15:12

Poor stability at high speed turning (>60kph), emergency braking.

2nd Jan 2006, 06:27

Naza Ria 2.5 GS/SE : As a rule of thumb, whenever you purchase a new car, bring it to the tyre service center and have alignment and balancing done. From my experience, its most often that new cars are not in 100% perfect condition at time of purchase. I had also purchased a Naza Ria 2.5 SE version and made arrangements with the tyre shop to change the standard tyre that came with the car as well. As I am not impressed with the Silverstone tyres, I got them changed with Dunlop series which offered excellent road holding and so far, is very comfortable when driving. As said, the tyre shop found the alignment was out and got that fixed as well. During my purchase and drive to the workshop, the alignment was out and I could feel the pull towards right. Anyhow, the shop did a good job and the drive thereafter was good indeed. So far, I've clocked 4000 km in my car, purchased towards end of Nov 2005, and all is fine and well. One thing is for sure, this is not a car to use for regular work travel cos the fuel consumption is averagely 4.49km/RM which works out to around 21 cents per km! You can observe good fuel saving around 17 cents per km for long distance driving if your speed is above and within 110 - 120 km/h. Its a good family car to travel and have a very comfortable journey.

2004 NAZA Ria GS MPV 2.5 V6


Superb and excellent MPV for average family


Nothing had gone wrong except for its painting. The painting had some rust and luckily it was in warranty I had sent it the to the dealer. They had solved the problem. Another problem with this car is the steering will vibrate and shake if you turn the steering when you cornering at low speed <5kph. The leather seats started to wear badly. The air conditioner gas runs out quickly (11 monmths).

General Comments:

The car is seriously nice and comfortable. The car price tag is quite low (about >RM 103 000). The handling is quick and can reach 100kph below 10 seconds. The interior looks expensive, all leather. The most part that I like is everybody has their own air-conditioner output and light. The fuel consumption is considerable depends on how hard we press the pedal. The air-conditioner cools the cabin quickly that you may need a sweater to be worn. The driver's seat is electronically controlled, but it don't have memory.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2005

2nd Nov 2005, 00:09

Regarding your steering shake, try checking with your dealer on it's alignment of engine mounting. Two of my friends has the same problems.

24th Nov 2006, 23:22

I have air-conditioning problems with my current as well as previous Naza Ria --- in the previous, I had to change condensors twice and the current one, I am about to find out why gas has run out in just three months of owning the car.

2004 NAZA Ria GS 2.5 V6


Superb, excellent, perfect choice, cheap price


Nothing, except for the paintwork, it had some rust.

When I drive at more than 120kph, I could listen to the wind noise.

General Comments:

The car can go more than 165kph. I have only reached 165kph, I don't dare to go more as I have just got my driving license.

Overall the driving was superb, except for the suspension at the back, which is a bit bumpy on country roads.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2005

30th Oct 2005, 23:13

The suspension system is not so good especially for the third row seats and on country road. The rattles on the steering wheel when the engine is on and parked can be visibly seen and felt.

2nd Nov 2005, 00:06

Hi...two of my friends had the same problem with that steering shake while idling. One of them went to the dealer and it was the misalignment on engine mounting.