5th Jul 2006, 22:45

I write with great confusion to the current state of my Naza Ria, purchase in December 2004. I have already clocked about 50,000 + kilometer and it has stalled twice on the road.

On the first occasion, the temperature gauge shot from 3 quarter to maximum and my car experiencing overheating. I manage to drive home, stopping periodically to cool down the engine. Strange noise were heard from the engine and when I drove the car to my mechanic, he told me that my vehicle needs overhaul as the gasket crack and the oil was leaking into the radiator. He bought the original metal type (suppose to be a better type) from Kia Motors and fixed it on to my car. All was done at a minimal cost. (I appreciate his sincerity and honesty). He tested the car and all was well. I took back the car with joy thinking that it was a, “one off “, situation. Just less than a month after that the overheating happen again. This time the extreme overheating happens while I was driving along Federal Highway. The temperature gauge shot to maximum and the steam starting pelting from the bonnet. I stop the car and call the mechanic. He was good enough to come to collect the car. The respond was quick. He took the car back to his garage. From then the problem persists. Many counter measures were taken; first it was the purging of the radiator then the removing of the thermostat. Nothing works. I could only appreciate my mechanic as he does everything to solve this problem. He charges me less than 5k for the overhauling and since then has not charge me. I appreciate such good and professional service which is rare today. My Naza Ria today is still in the workshop and I can only wait and hope for a solution. I hope Naza Motors can contact me for a solution.

When I first saw the car, I like the design and space availability. Despite the high consumption rate, I bought it from the Shah Alam showroom. I have always spoke well of Naza Ria despite many warnings from friends not to buy the car because of overheating. Today I heard that the warranty has been increased from 1 year to 4 years and cover 100,000 kilometers.

I am sadden by this incident and and wondering what should I do with this Naza Ria. I have been a defender, good spokesman and proud owner of a Naza Ria. Today I am a disappointed man. I felt let down by my Naza Ria and began to wonder; maybe my friends’ critcism of Naza Ria is not base less, but truth. I still love my Naza Ria, but my confidence in Naza is waning and I am persuaded to NOT purchase all Naza cars in future and will stop recommend my friends from buying Naza cars in future.

Sad, but true, such is the tale of my Naza Ria.

7th Dec 2006, 21:54

Thank you to all of you for sharing your comment regarding on Naza Ria. I am actually looking forward to buy a new Naza Ria during this x-mas promotion since the deduction on the normal price is very good. I already put my down payment RM2000.00 for the booking of citra and now converting to Naza Ria SE. Since all my friend and you guys keep telling about how terrible to have this car, I already cancel to purchase this car. As everyone knows, Naza Kia won't give me the deposit due to my faulty. Now I already file it to consumers for action. But if it is really my fault and my money won't be given back, I think its worth it to let my 2000 go instead of buying Naza Ria.

I think they slash down very high discount because the demand for this MPV is getting worst. No wonder in my area (secret) lots of Naza cars were laid in the sun for blind buyers to take them.

16th Feb 2007, 06:29

I just bought the second hand Naza Ria and having read the comments the problem of this car, I am getting worried and regret of my decision to buy Naza Ria and especially when it comes to overhaul or engine replacement where the cost is very exorbitant. I wonder what effort has Naza or KIa to rectify this problem. The authority has to act to ensure car buyer is not being cheated by NAZA/KIA.

23rd Apr 2007, 04:26

Hi everyone. I bought my Nazaria GS sometime in July 2006. So far I have clocked to 46000km. I have no complaints until 2 months ago... after I replaced my brake pads! 80% of the time I pressed the brakes (slight even) I will get this "eiiiitttt" shrill sound, which is so irritating that I dread to brake. I have gone to the same authorized Naza service centre and they replaced the brake pads 3X FOC with 'brake pads Korea'. I even consulted the local mechanic. He too advised me that it is the brake pads problem. I am thinking of replacing all 4 tyres and new brake pads (undecided of type/brand)... will this eliminate the shrill sound? Has anyone been through the same problem... solutions anyone?

26th Apr 2007, 00:59

My Naza Ria bought in 2003 is now nearing 60,000km. I had checked with Naza workshop and was informed that at 60,000 km service one need to replace the timing belts and spark plugs which come to more than RM3000, out of which RM560 is for 6 spark plugs. This worked out to nearly RM100 per spark plug. By the way I had checked the local spare parts shop and found out the the complete set of timing belts plus bearings etc. cost about RM500 only. Anyone out there can recommend a reliable workshop who can carry out the above at cheaper rates.

8th Aug 2007, 02:34

Hi all.

I am planning to buy a second hand naza ria - the first batch that came straight from Korea. Not sure about the mileage, but I guess it should be in the 100k category already. I will be able to get it at a very good price and the owner (2nd owner) is someone I know.

Honestly I would like to get feedback whether I should buy it or not. If affirmative what are the tell-tale signs I should look out for.

Sincerely, Meor.

9th Sep 2007, 23:47

I have a large family, I am looking for a cheaper type of 2nd hand MPV and Naza Ria has been one of the best option. It is spacious and cheap than Japanese's MPV. But after seeing some many complaints about this car, I am kind of set back. If you still want to go for it, which year should I choose.

18th Oct 2007, 10:34

Hi there.

I came across a 2nd hand Nasa Ria (2003) at RM58900 with mileage of around 80k. I like the car, but I'm worry about the car's engine.

After reading the feedbacks about this car, I guess I have to pass.

7th Nov 2007, 05:53

Hello there!

I'm one of the great fans of naza ria when it first came out, till I read all your comments. I still like the car, but getting skeptical with its quality. I just came back from a 2nd hand dealer who offered RM62000 2004 model. What you all think? It is clocked 63000 km. I need your advise on the things that I ought look into before buying this car. The engine looks clean and quiet. Do I need to change the timing belts and other stuff as well after buying this car? Thank you.