20th Oct 2011, 02:29

Currently, Naza service center is having promotion for the new engine for Naza Ria. RM8888 including labor, new timing belt etc. What you need to do is to JPJ to change the new engine no.

27th Oct 2011, 01:38

Is it the same with Naza Ria original engine or an improved Naza Ria engine? If an improved engine, what did they change? As all we know that Naza Ria had an engineering problem on the engine part. Which they need to look into and improve, or change the problematic parts.

29th Oct 2011, 21:06

I've owned a Naza Ria GS from April 2006. Feel lucky until now. Don't have any problems, maybe due to still low mileage, around 30k km for 5.5 years. 6 months after buying my Naza Ria, there was promotion from Naza for 14k for the same car; that really made me angry. Still feeling regret for buying it, because the secondhand market value really sucks.

5th Nov 2011, 05:33


Could you share with us where did you get the replacement for the drive shafts?

17th Nov 2011, 03:29

I'm interested in the new engine offered by Naza. Somebody please furnish me the details. RM 8,888.00...!!!



18th Jan 2012, 06:18

Did you ever get your brake noise solved? I have been dealing with the same issue, and after many RM spent, no one can solve the issue. They are just guessing at the issue.

6th Feb 2012, 08:25

After changing the timing belt, it cannot start. What is the problem?

10th Feb 2012, 03:50

No, mine was a 2004 Naza Ria. Changed the T pipe joint and using it until now. Serviced every 10000km using fully synthetic oil. Checking the radiator coolant regularly. A mechanic told me that the best thing is to put all coolant in the radiator. Which I intend to do. Thanks.

13th Feb 2012, 22:38

My Niza Ria got over heated, and a friend proposed to change the cylinder liner (a special grooved liner installed with a ring to isolate engine oil from water at the upper half of the cylinder block). Any idea how much it would cost? My friend didn't know it cos he heard from his friend too. Please email me at odysseynirvana@yahoo.com



14th Feb 2012, 09:41

Hi, I have owned a Naza Ria 2004 for 2 years, and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Recently, the timing belt broke due to my own carelessness. The mechanic had it fixed at RM. 4000. Now it sounds like a diesel engine truck.

Can someone guide me to a decent mechanic, if there is one in Malaysia?

My email: bobbykhan01@hotmail.com


27th Mar 2012, 04:02

My Ria is a 2004 model, and has run 190,000km without major problems. I sent services and repair to an ex Naza Kia mechanic in Klang. The guy is Jeff 012-3993197 or 03-33419521.

2nd Apr 2012, 10:49

Dear Friend,

Could you share where you did the repairs? I think I need to change the wheel bearings. TQ.



15th Apr 2012, 09:38

I seek an opinion from Naza Ria users. Is it good to use a Nissan Cefiro engine? A mechanic told me that the Nissan will be underpowered for usage in the Naza Ria. Recently my 2005 Naza was inspected, and it was found that water had got into the engine block; mechanic recommended an engine change out.

Ilias, sp, Kedah.

26th May 2012, 07:55


Can someone email me the name and address of a mechanic at Bangi? I heard there is one good Naza mechanic at Bangi.

My email is mydec68@gmail.com

Thank you.

31st May 2012, 03:39

Not sure if this can help you. But you can get advice from fellow Nazarians from this club. You don't need to be a paid member to be part of the family. We have members from all over Malaysia who are more than willing to help any Nazarians needing help. My central (KL/Selangor) Nazarian friends used to go to a workshop in Sri Kembangan :

Abdul Azmeer, AZ Conti Garage,

F-G-021, Jln LP 7/2, Sek. 7,

Tmn Lestari Perdana,

Bdr Puchong Permai, 43300

Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

H/p : 0163155107.

Riafamily link :- http://www.riafamily.com.my/

Regards cain70

10th Sep 2012, 04:36

Bro, which plastic T-pipe are you talking about?

20th Oct 2012, 09:33

Hi all, I was recently recommended to buy this Naza GS 2003 model for RM18K. Was told that the engine's gasket and timing belt were replaced about 1 year ago due to overheating. So I was thinking to change the engine to a Toyota V6 2500 Four Cam 24. I heard it can be done for RM13k. Just need to know suitability and reliability of this engine... can anyone advise?

21st Jan 2013, 08:55


Your Naza Ria drive shaft repair cost sounds very reasonable. Was it a repair or replacement? And would you mind sharing where you had the job done? Many thanks.

23rd Jan 2013, 09:01

I own a Naza Ria 2004 model. I had the same problems with the engine overheating, and had it repaired at a workshop in Setapak, at a high cost with replacement on all the engine parts.

After about 1 years plus, in June 2012, the engine start to overheat again. Found out from the mechanic that water from the radiator had entered into the engine again. The mechanic who repaired it, had modified the area where water that entered the engine is sealed, with strong adhesive, but it was not lasting. It was good for a year only.

Now thinking of changing with another engine of a different make. Have no confidence with Korean made engines anymore. Hope someone can give me a suggestion on what to do next?

2nd Mar 2013, 19:03

I'm looking for Naza Ria wooden steering wheel. The last time I checked with KSC, the price was a hefty 900.00. Is there any other alternative?

8th Apr 2013, 21:36

I, too, am having the same problem as the other owner of the Naza Ria 2.5. I bought it 2 years ago. The car was having an overheating problem, which I rectified by changing all the water hoses, and I cut off the heater system. But it still persists, and this time water has mixed with the engine oil. Now... my headache begins.

I am confused about whether I should overhaul the engine, or replace it with another type of engine?

15th May 2013, 05:23

At Masai Utama there is a workshop called Overhaulin Auto Garage located at no 3, Jalan Masai Utama 1... beside the highway of Pasir Gudang. This workshop specializes in Naza @ Kia and Peugeot. And the person in charge is good. You can contact this number 0137630686 - Iman. I just send my car here, and the cost for overhaul is very cheap compared to other workshops. Until now my car is still in good condition.

23rd Jun 2013, 19:41

I intend to buy a secondhand Naza Ria, but reading the above comments, I wonder whether I should continue to adhere to my ideas, if maintenance is really costly?

19th Aug 2013, 04:29

I had bought a 2nd hand 2009 Naza Ria recently, and only today I opened this forum and see all the bad things about this car.

Did I make a mistake by ordering this Ria? I hope not, as I also have few friends that are happy to drive this Ria, especially for middle class people like us...

Does anybody have a comment on the 2008 and above model? Did Naza improve all the problems after receiving all the complaints from the previous owners?

Thanks in advance...

28th Sep 2013, 21:48

Hi, I am also from Kota Kemuning. I've got a Naza Ria, which is in a bad situation. Please help. My contact no. is 0192147032.