4th Apr 2010, 02:09

I'm considering to buy a 2008 Naza Ria - previous owner was a company - interior is clean and very much look like a new MPV - it clocked 32k mileage and the engine sounds smooth & clean as well. Need comment on 2008 Naza - or whether NAZA have already fix the water seepage into the engine problem since the 2007 model??

Need an urgent answer.. tq.

MR Id.

14th Jun 2010, 09:27


I'm interested to to buy Naza Ria 2004 model. Just asking all the Naza owner here whether is it worth it to buy this car? What are the normal problems faced by the Naza Ria owner related to this car? Is it true people say this car is high maintenance?

9th Aug 2010, 04:03


Mine is Ria GS 2005. After experiencing the 'teh tarik' problem, I've changed the engine with a Nissan Cefiro 2.5 for RM11.000. Hope to have no problems with my Ria!

12th Sep 2010, 13:06

Anybody having experience with your Ria's ABS? I've encountered a few times when I hit the brakes and the ABS activated... the ABS/brake not working... the car just moved ahead without control. I had to use the hand-brake to make the car stop... phewwww. So far, I've still managed not to hit any other car... please help.

13th Sep 2010, 22:23

Bought my Naza Ria GS in 2004.

It overheated while still under warranty; got it fixed, but need to add water to the radiator and reservoir everyday, surprisingly not a drop leaked to the ground. Apparently the water leaked into the engine block. They changed the engine entirely for FREE. Got a replacement imported from Korea, but my car was at the service center for nearly a month. Changed the engine number and got it verified by Puspakom and JPJ.

That was 3 years ago. Been working well since, and I've never failed to drop in at its regular check ups and services at its authorized service center. It's fun driving a Ria since.

15th Sep 2010, 01:08

Dear Naza owners.

Please advise the good mechanic to repair my Naza SE engine.

I bought this end of 2005, and now started losing coolant again, but the temperature gauge is never above half during driving.

To replace with a Cefiro engine - how much is the cost?


12th Oct 2010, 04:10

There's one recommended Kia/Ria Workshop at Puchong.

Contact me thru dzuanie@yahoo.com for further info.

28th Nov 2010, 03:21

I just looked Naza Ria 2.5 V6 SE year 2005 for RM 38,000.

I like the MPV, but reading all the feedback makes me worry.

It look like engineering design error from KIA/NAZA & no countermeasure was done. Service centres happily making tons of money from poor users. Some one may suggest alternative modifications to solve this engine problems.


11th Dec 2010, 06:22

My 07 92k km Ria just got overheated today, but luckily I could stop and go every 20 minutes to reach home nearby. Engine sounded OK when cooled down, but rattled when overheated. Waiting for the workshop to open on Monday to check.

After reading about Naza Ria's overheating problem on the net for 4 hours, it is no doubt that this is a manufacturing problem. Not wear and tear. It'll definitely happen once the mileage is around 90k. Like the Toyota Hybrid thingy, it's an engineering problem. We are all victims in this issue, especially the seller is fully aware of this when selling the car! From what I read, this problem started as early as 2005. Imagine how many silent victims suffered in this overheating problem?

I'm suggesting we should file a complaint together to the consumer court, pool all the victims together and get Naza to admit and rectify this issue. My email is chronozone@gmail.com. I'm hoping we can have at least 50 victims in number to start. For those who had paid Naza to repair, you should get back your money. I'll contact the press on the day we submit to the consumer court.

19th Dec 2010, 12:17

I had this rattling sound of my left rear passenger side currently. It has become a nuisance for the past three months. After hearing the explanations by the members, I feel very relieved now as this is a repairable problem by just changing the absorber bush instead of the two absorbers.

I had this problem 18 months ago, and the mechanic advised me to change both the absorbers, which cost me RM440.00.

It really help by reading the comments by the Naza Ria owners.


21st Dec 2010, 01:15

Hi! I've just bought a 2005 Naza Ria, costing me 45000 in April 2010, clocking 198000km. I've heard so many negative comments about it, but what I can say is it's a superb & affordable MPV.

Initially I also facing many problem repairing this vehicle.

But now all my problems with my Naza Ria have settled.

About its maintenance; we should send it to someone that knows well about this vehicle.

Many mechanics don't understand the Naza Ria well, so when we send our vehicle to them, they will ask us to change this and that - like what happen to me initially.

For the Naza Ria's consumption, it's advisable to use sequential NGV system. I'm a frequent traveler, and my Naza Ria has done 320000km, and this 2 ton giant is still running tough.

21st Dec 2010, 12:05

Please let me know where the workshop is where you have the NAZA Ria repaired.

8th Jan 2011, 19:26

Hi everyone!

I bought a Naza Ria in the middle of 2004, and just last year, the overheating problems happened, as has been faced by some of the owners.

I repaired it, and it cost me around RM9K, but after not even 2 months, the problem has again happened.

I been advised not to repaired the original engine anymore, as it could happen again. I change to 2.5 V6 Cessiro engine; cost me around RM12K, and what bad luck, yesterday the engine also overheated, and again I need to overhaul it.

What I'm try to say, is that as the owners, we feel we've really been cheated by this product, and worse, the car does not have resale value; people afraid of it due to the engine problems and oil consumption.

For me as a Malaysian, we've been advised to support our Malaysian products. We can see there are a lot of problems with our product, and we as the owners have been burdened by it.

For the NAZA Group, congratulations, that could bring in this type of cars for Malaysian peoples.


18th Jan 2011, 10:26

Salam 1 Malaysia.

I encountered the overheating problem like most of you guys and for me, I bought this MPV for its spacious cabin and not for the engine. I would say, the cabin size can be compared apple to apple with the Toyota Alphard.

Take opportunity from the low second hand market value and straight away convert the engine after the overheating problem. Don't go further and spend on repairing. Never overhaul. It's a crap option. Trust me.

My suggestion is replacing with a Nissan VQ25 V6. Why? due to the following reasons;

1) The engine is cheap (RM3k-4k) plus delivery.

2) Nissan VQ25 V6 easily fit into Naza Ria engine bay.

3) Nissan VQ25 V6 fuel consumption is much better than Naza.

4) It uses a timing chain so less maintenance.

5) Nissan proven reliability.

BTW what is 2.5 V6 Cessiro engine? Sorry, it sounds strange to me as I have never come across such engine name.

All the best!