10th Sep 2009, 12:54

I bought a NAZA Ria back in 2006. I've also encountered the same problems as a lot of you. The first two years, the car had the normal wear and tear kind of problems, but nothing major.

Soon my car started overheating, having to add water once or twice day into the radiator. Came to find out that it was a leak into the radiator, so changed to a new one.

A few months went by, the car was OK until overheating started. Then suddenly one day the car could only go as fast as 65km/hp. So took it to the NAZA service centre, said I needed it overhauling because water seeped into the engine and they quoted an insanely high price, so a friend of mine introduced me to a cheaper deal, I ended up getting it for 7k, which is more than half what I was quoted from Naza.

Like a few of you said, I also will never recommend a NAZA Ria.

13th Oct 2009, 22:48

Hi everyone. I am about to buy a Naza Ria for my family unless I just have 4 family members. After I read all the comments, I feel uncomfortable. Else, I still wonder that there are many people out there still using that Naza Ria. But why, plz clear my cloud.


15th Oct 2009, 05:27

I have just overhauled my Naza Ria just after Hari Raya due to missing coolant seeping into the engine in Sbn at normal local workshop for RM4.8k (inclusive timing belt and spark plug). Sbn Naza authorized SC quoted me RM12k, which I think quite ridiculous. Earlier it had an overheating problem, so I guess better watch out for any overheating sign. Pray to God and hope that it will never reoccur to me.

17th Oct 2009, 10:05

My Ria sucks, will sell it, but loan and selling price are sky and land.

2nd Nov 2009, 03:27

What if I install something like air intake at the bonnet to give more air to come in the engine and cool it down, can this way eliminate the water/coolant to seepage inside that engine??

6th Nov 2009, 03:36

Hi... mine is Sept-2005 model and clocking 63k. Till now still no problem. The Ria is not a 'horse'... don't push too hard.

One more thing.. make sure you fill up the correct spec of fully syn lube at every engine service. Check water level weekly...

I really love my Ria... and my kids also.

12th Nov 2009, 09:52

What about Naza Gs 2003? I have looked through each and every comment here, but could not find any comment related to Naza Ria GS 2003. I need info on this car? Will it fetch the same problem? If yes, where to go for repair? Please help. e-mail edugenie88@yahoo.com or 017-2720821.

17th Nov 2009, 08:45

I bought a second hand Naza 2004, everything was find until one time when I reversed my car from the car porch and I saw a black oil spill on the parking porch.

I took it to the mechanic and they quoted me for RM-3500. Reason being is the flyway oil seal is leaking, and they need to strip down the engine, that's why it's costly.

Other than that, I noticed that while driving the is a giggling sound at back passenger seat. A sound like a lost nut or bolt, which not really tight up a seat.

Regards, King NAZA.

30th Nov 2009, 02:27

King Naza,

Your rear absorber bush damaged!! The original bush was made of something like 'sponge'. When your Naza masuk lubang, you will hear those 'strange' sound. Well don't worry too much. It happened to mine before. Bring your Ria to normal car clinic and ask for a Honda Accord's bush as a replacement, it is made of engineering rubber. It fitted well for mine and I believe the same for yours. It cost me rm80 inclusive of the workmanship.

13th Dec 2009, 21:52

I just bought 2nd hand Naza Ria model 2004. Still in warranty with used car dealer. But the problem is I find that something light teh tarik in radiator cap. I bring it to the workshop and they told me that it not the oil seeping into the radiator, but the water can seep into engine. Can anybody advise me?

19th Dec 2009, 09:34

Hi all.

Just bought a 2004 GS after I sold off my Renault Espace MPV after struggling keep the car moving for 3 years. I've checked the teh tarik sign while the T-pipe was already replaced with metal. It's too early to comment now, just enjoy the ride and see what's coming next.


20th Dec 2009, 22:07

Hi all.

I bought my Naza Ria GS 2005, Mil 68k ($50400) in March this year (now Mil 92k, heavily usage). So far no engine problems in term of Teh Tarik. I have read all these negative comments before I bought my Ria, but I insisted to get it since I really like this MPV (spacious & comfortable). Just to share few things with every body as below.

So far problems found :

1. Noisy sound at rear => Changed rear absorber bush (OK) RM70

2. Weird engine starting sound => Changed engine mounting & air conditioning compressor bracket (OK) RM150

3. Engine bad jerking during speeding => Changed AFS (Air flow sensor) RM700, root caused due to installed of fuel efficiency devices => advised to not install any of this kind of devices. (Insufficient air supply coz AFS damage).

4. Radiator fan not working => Changed new (OK) RM200

5. Jerking Problem => Changed new Plug & Cable (OK) RM800

6. Air-bag sign appeared : Wiring check (on-going)

For anybody plan to get 2nd Naza Ria please check properly before buy (bring your expert to check) & don't trust 100% your sales man especially the mileage set-up.

Very Important TIPS (DIY check) :

1. Coolant level in radiator, not in the spare tank.

2. No water at engine oil cap (must clean).

3. Change T-join to metal or brass type.

4. Make sure air conditioning & radiator fan working properly.

5. Do not use water 100% (must have coolant inside radiator)

6. Tight radiator cap tightly.

7. Do not immediate switch-off engine after long run

(Wait for a while after stop, open engine bonnet & off)

8. Change engine oil, ATF & timing belt on time.

After bought my 2ndhand Ria, I just spend about 2k (partially, excluded tyres etc) to make it run smoothly & so far I'm very very glad & highly satisfied with the performance after 9 months with few times going back to Kelantan. (hope no major problems in the future). I really enjoyed hang-out with family members especially for long journey & I also heavily usage during working hours (just imagined 9mths 24k Mil).

To share info on fuel (speed range 80~140 km/hr) :

1. Full tank : $120 => 450km (town), 0.27c/km

$120 => 500km (hway), 0.24c/km.

P/s : I'm not a rich enough to get Alphard, my prev car just a Waja, but if you're taking care your Ria properly, it'll be value for money. Remember Naza Ria MPV is not a sport car or SUV / 4WD, so drive it as what is it.

If want to share something about Ria, email me at : dzuanie@yahoo.com (Ridzuan)

22nd Mar 2010, 02:21

I'm trying to buy 2nd Naza Ria Year 2006 @ RM60K Mil 90K.

Test drive and found to be OK.

Pls advice on the meaning of Teh Tarik and also the T-Pipe metal joint.

Shall I buy or NOT.