12th Dec 2013, 11:23

What problems are you having? Please share at my email xxnchxx@yahoo.com. I also own a Naza Ria.

11th Jan 2014, 19:48

Hi Naza owners, my name is Mus. It's good to know this forum exists for us to share our happiness and car problems. I own a 2006 Naza Ria. I have had no problem at all. But due to age, my air conditioning is not functioning, and according to the workshop, I need to change the compressor. So I live in Desaru; can anyone here can help me with which workshop I can use? I don't mind exploring the best workshops in JB as long I get the best deal. Please help me. I can be contacted at 0197384855. Please email me at mustaffamuse@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Regards, Mus.

3rd Aug 2014, 00:36

Have you managed to find the wood grain steering wheel? If not, why don't you go to NZ Galaxy located in PJ (603-79600400/79532892). I bought it for RM285.00 (950.00 @ 70% Discount).

9th Oct 2014, 13:07

Please advise me. My Naza Ria 2008 is overheating and is in the garage. Well should I do an overhaul or change to a new engine? Toyota, or go for a Naza engine? Where should I go in KL? WhatsApp me at 0126111219.

29th Nov 2014, 13:51

Assalam to my Muslim car owners. Sharing is good to guide us to solving the problems. My advice to all Naza owners while driving is never switch off the air conditioning, & in sya Allah it will prolong the lifespan of the engine.

1st Dec 2014, 12:53

Buy back the Naza Ria for a new engine. I don't think it is a bad engine. The Rover KV6 is a good engine. It's a V6 so expensive parts can't be avoided. Take good care of the new engine, and enjoy a nice ride.

21st Dec 2014, 13:02

Where can I get a Naza Ria engine? Can anyone please advise me? 0195117791

18th Apr 2015, 08:26

Hi, I have a Naza Ria 2003, now having a common overheating problem. I intend to change to a new engine. Is there anyone who can share with me whether changing to an original Naza engine or a Toyota 2.5 V6 engine is better?

21st Apr 2015, 06:01

Hi to all,

I've owned a Naza Ria since 2008. I bought a used 2004 model. In 2008 Internet & social media was not so rampant, so the knowledge was dependent on word of mouth.

In 2012 worst thing happened, the original T pipe broke and water gushed into the engine. It cost me more than 8K to repair.

It's a good car and still running smoothly. Just service it on time, and change what needs to be changed.

Last 2 month the alternator broke, a day after CNY, but I managed to get a Malay workshop in Melaka to change it. Cost was $400 inc labour.

Now the wheel is giving a lot of noise. They say it's due the wheel bearing. Anyone know how much?

18th May 2015, 15:10


Can you tell me where to service my Naza Ria?

Recently my car is getting overheated.

My email is 10sonwilking@gmail.com


26th Jun 2015, 16:10

Hi, last time I overhauled my engine totally, I spent around 6k for all totally new, including all piping, pistons and piston rings, all liners with o-rings, and the labour charge.

26th Jun 2015, 16:25

Anybody know the difference between the Naza Ria k5 and k5m engines?

22nd Oct 2015, 23:14

Hi all. I would like to seek some assistance on which workshop to go for an engine transplant... whether at Shah Alam with a cost tag at almost 14k, or at Serdang which has a cost of around 9k. Which one is better in terms of quality and overall new engine performance?

7th Dec 2015, 13:06

The Shah Alam one is worth the money; so far no major problems with the engine.

2nd Feb 2016, 05:04

Did anyone of you change the original rim and tyre???

Original is 205/65/16 et45.

Anyone upgrade to wider or bigger rims and tyres?

27th Apr 2016, 06:24

Hi all. I just bought a secondhand Naza Ria (2005 model). Would like to get some recommendation of a reliable workshop in Penang Island to get my Naza timing belt change. Thank you in advance. Can you reply through my email hassan.sakah@gmail.com

2nd May 2016, 17:55

I am using the 215 / 65 / R16 since I bought the car in 2005.

6th Jun 2016, 06:30

Hi, I'm Mr Tan. May I know where can buy the new Naza Ria engine?? And how much?

22nd Oct 2016, 12:00

Can someone help me with a problem I face with my Naza Ria 2005 SE?

My car could not start... battery & alternator OK. It's due to the crank sensor and what about other alternatives that could be happening?

My email is hariz161.mky@gmail.com

2nd Dec 2016, 05:22

I've owned a Ria since 2004. My experience is that we must use fully synthetic oil and change the gear oil every 20k. Till now I've only experienced wear and tear problems.

2nd Apr 2017, 01:18

Hi all,

I own a Naza Ria 2008.

I have same problem, where I have to replace my water everyday every time I drive it.

The mechanic checked the engine and found out that water has leakage inside the engine.

They suggested at overhaul, but did not guarantee it would solve the problem. Does anyone has better idea regarding the above problems?

Kindly whatapps me at 0196488891.


16th Jul 2018, 15:13

Hi... may I know which workshop? Address please...