22nd Jan 2011, 05:52

Hi everyone! It's me again - a proud Naza Ria owner. To a question, where's a good mechanic to repair Naza Ria? From what I know there's 1 in Seri Kembangan, S'gor, 1 in Senawang, N. S & 1 in Pokok Mangga, Melaka.

For what I can say, is it is not advisable to install a so called Nissan engine, coz it needed some modification to vehicle's drive shaft & engine mounting, which I think is not SAFE! I've seen many cases where the initial state was very good, but in long run, most Naza Ria owners get frustrated with those Nissan engines.

For my case, I've just overhauled my engine & tune up my sequential NGV system. Now my 2 tonne giant is running great again! FYI my Naza Ria clocked 340000km. No joke! See to believe! I can be contacted at azizultx@yahoo.com

22nd Jan 2011, 20:22

Only small percentage of satisfied owners for Naza Ria's engine.

All it goes without saying. Not only from local forums, but elsewhere too.

All judgment are based on surveys with mechanics, owners, ex-owners, spare part dealers and even salesman.

Only 1 out of 10 is giving good remarks.

Too many unsatisfied owners who overhaul original engine and soon have to resort by changing it.


7th Feb 2011, 05:58

I think this car needs a bigger engine. 2.5 liter is not powerful enough.. so it's overloaded all the time. That's why is has the overheating problem.

Has anyone try to change the engine with a 3 liter diesel/petrol? I don't have a Naza Ria. This car has a very attractive body and accessories. It's worthwhile to change to a better engine if the original engine has a design problem.

7th Feb 2011, 13:04


Just to share.. I bought a new Naza Ria in Nov 2005 and used it for long distance family travel only. Now it is 72k km, and I have yet to change the timing belt. Hope I have time to send it for a change this week.

There were few minor problems I have experienced, which are:

1) Brakes sound bad, and the SC said that there is nothing they can do about that, and even the manufacturer also has no idea how to rectify that sound.

2) Tyre are locked. I have experienced twice where the car cannot move at all, and the solution that the SC did was to knock the tyre's disc cover and adjust the brake cable.

3) Just 2 days ago, the ABS, airbag and handbrake indicator light up while driving, and the car cannot start after being switched off. I've tried to start using a jumper, and it worked, but no power to run the car. After changing to a new battery, it's OK to run the car, but again, cannot start after switch off. After consulting with a mechanic, he suggested it might be due to the alternator, and recommended to change it. According to him, the original part cost RM850 and the new 2nd grade cost RM500. Lucky it happened just around my father's house (hometown in Kelantan) and not in middle of my way back to KL i.e green area in Gua Musang and Merapoh.

I hope this is not a beginning of nightmares, because I really like this comfortable/luxury cheap MPV. I heard so many comments about the engine overheating and needing an overhaul that costs about RM9k, so guys how to prevent from happening? Tips please.



19th Feb 2011, 06:59


I bought NAZA RIA in 2005, and now it is clocking at 103,000km. I have encountered a few minor problems thus far: absorber and recently alternator. One thing that you could do to avoid overheating is to make sure that you replace the T pipe made of metal, and regularly check your cooling system. Once you have a leakage somewhere, then the engine will surely overheat.

17th Mar 2011, 08:44

I bought a brand new Naza Ria SE in 2005, and hardly use this car. The mileage is only 16,900 km, and it's always parked at the porch. As the usage is very low, I don't encounter with any major problems, but surprisingly what really disappoints me are the leather seats, which are very inferior in quality and bad shape. However, I realize it's after the warranty period expired.

NAZA/KIA should look into the quality aspects of their vehicles seriously to win customer confidence.

30th Mar 2011, 23:50

I agree that the car is so lousy and not economical. Resale value is very low. I had purchased the car, then I needed to top-up the balance of my loan for 20,000. Just imagine my loss.

16th May 2011, 10:42

Hi guys.

Just to share all my experience, I have been delaying the repair of my Naza Ria drive shaft for both sides until recently my wheel bearing is giving a louder noise, and it is louder when the car cools down.

I have checked a few shops for the price to repair the drive shaft and wheel bearing; the price tag will burn my pocket, but I managed to find a workshop that charged a reasonable price.

The price to repair the drive shaft is RM 200 for each side, and cost me RM 140 for the wheel bearing replacement. To me, this is cheaper than the SC or other workshop. I am happy driving the cars without any squeaking sound.

18th May 2011, 22:52


I want to buy a second hand Naza Ria made in 2006. I heard that Naza has rectified the engine overheating problem in the early batch of 2005. The cylinder liner problem has been resolved. The car dealer said that he will change the T-join (or T pipe kind of thing) to the metal one. He guarantees that there will be no engine heating problem. Can any expert can confirm that the cylinder liner has been rectified by Naza from the production batch in 2005 and onwards?

25th Jun 2011, 19:25


I have shifted to Kota Kemuning and would appreciate if you could introduce your workshop (not Kia Service Centre) so that I can do any repair outside KSC.


28th Jun 2011, 03:06

Naza Ria 2005 batch engine problem solved. It's a good car for family use. Just people that who owned before the 2005 batch are very disappointed with the engine overheating problem. Many of my friends using Naza Ria 2005 batch still run great and don't have engine problems. Not one of them overheated. Only some minor quality problems. My advice is the lowest spec is a good choice.

5th Jul 2011, 07:35

As a mechanic, I don't have any problem with the Naza Ria RS version.

Only some small problems occurred such left side mirror cannot be folding due to inner gear broken (repaired with 2 ton glue) saving RM750.00, wiper malfunction (repaired) saving RM 850.00, and so far nothing else is wrong with the car.

Just one thing that I want to say is (my opinion only), why has a quality car from Korea become so low quality after assembly and re badge in Malaysia. Malaysians are not stupid, just look at Mitsubishi Lancer re badged Proton Inspira, look at the dashboard, feel the dashboard very "plasticky" compartment. I would say it's like made in China!!

Luckily, Naza Ria quality is still fair, just the electronic device such as power window ICs are all low quality ones!! And I am very sure this car has got an electric problem (not serious, but can cause a fire!). Don't ask me, ask the ones who re badged it!