11th Nov 2007, 10:10

My advice to all of you don't buy a Naza Ria unless you have so much money to throw on this car without feeling any pain.

I bought a second hand 2005 model at RM62K in May 2007 and sold it last month Oct 2007. Yes I kept this piece of crap for 5 months, used it twice only and got rid of it finally.

17th Jan 2008, 21:19

Hi, I am a proud owner of a Naza Ria which I acquired in April last year. It is NGV fitted and so I have no problem with it...ooohh. OK. The timing went up to more than 2,000 sometime ago and I brought it back to Selayang SC twice. The second time, they found that the NGV system was not installed properly and there were loose cables which needed to be tighten. After that, it is as good as new. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no problems at least for the next seven years or so.

10th Apr 2008, 03:10

Brakes squealing is often a problem -- I changed new brake pads but it didn't last too long before the squealing returned.

Wheel alignment is crucial else it is uncomfortable over long distances to places like Singapore, coz it can be 'bumpy'.

I am still at my 46K mark, so hopefully water does not get into the engine to require overhaul as is reported here.

23rd May 2008, 05:56

I bought NAZA RIA RS 2008 production and delivered to me on 09th May 2008, despite being warned by friends that the car is not reliable.

On 18th May 2008,around 2300H, 4 hours after I parked the car at my house and removed the ignition key, the engine rotate by itself, with smell of burning metal.

Smoke came out from the bonnet and finally I am able to stop the rotation after cutting off the power supply from the battery.

The technician came and I should thank him for working on public holiday. The car was towed to KIA service center the next day. I was told that they are ordering the starter as they found the starter to be malfunctioning. That was on 21st May. Until today, 23rd May, the starter did not arrive and wonder why it take times for them to acquire the starter.

Hopefully and pray to God that their trouble shooting is correct and no other problem/problems emerge.

20th Jun 2008, 02:57

My NAZA Ria 07 got problem after service (20,000km) at NAZA Service Centre at PJ. The service offered there are so poor as they took 4hrs to get it done, with out having the car washed too (7th to check in). Now after using it for 22,500km my MPV sometimes goes Ding Dong when turning. Any idea what's wrong with my MPV?

24th Jul 2008, 00:07


I bought my Naza Ria in February 2004,Korean imported I guess. I have changed once the T-joint last year which caused overheating. The original T-joint was made from plastic. Other than that I have no problem. But I'll make sure that the service maintenance is done according to schedule. If at 40,000km you are required to replace timing belts, please do so. Outside workshop charged me RM750 for which Naza service centre as for RM2k for the same. Anyway my mechanic is an ex-kia specialist.

So far, I am happy with my Naza Ria and clocking 93,000km. To me, it depends on you to mend the car.

7th Sep 2008, 00:10

My Naza Ria was bought in Feb 05 and have clocked 60000km.

Last month, the T joint broke and caused overheating, it was send to Naza workshop in PJ and was repaired. I drove back to Ipoh a week later and the coolant has started to seep into the engine. Naza workshop in Ipoh did a bleeding for me and returned the car to me for testing.

The same evening, there's a reverse flow of water from engine to the spare water tank and now the Naza workshop says I need to overhaul the engine and minimum $15K. I was also told that the short block is in dire shortage throughout the world for this engine as it is a product failure (made of alloy) can't be repair, must change so it cost so much. Many Carnival and Ria owners are waiting to get their hands on the short block.

I am taking the matter up with the top management of Naza and hope that I could get the 50% discount as well. I can't deny that the Ria is a good car and we had great memories of trips and fun.

23rd Oct 2008, 21:45

To all Naza Ria owners. I would like some advice; I'm looking to buy a Naza Ria. Is it a good deal? Please give me some info on the vehicle.





14th Nov 2008, 19:30

My Naza Ria 2005 GS - when engaged into D, there is a slight delay. It does not happen all the time but upon Diagnostic using DTC, it shows code P0708.

Something to do with the Transmission Sensor. Any advice? There's lots of sensor in the Transmission... problem is which one? Anyone had this problem before?


9th Dec 2008, 01:37

My Naza 2004 Ria is giving the problem with the engine. The water entered the engine. I have overhauled it twice by changing the gasket. After 6 months the problem occurred? Any advice on the mechanic to go to and what should be done? I see that in some forum it says the problem is with the lining.

30th Dec 2008, 13:04

Hi all.

I bought my Naza Ria on April 2005. Till now it has clocked 65000km. I'm glad to say that it was all fine since the first day I drove back home the Naza from its showroom in Ulu Klang. I remembered that the Salesman did mention to me to keep checking on the water level as it might drop after several usage. It seems to be a common sign for that car. However, recently, I've overlooked to check the water level and true enough, the car got over heated. I was charged for about 5000k for an overhaul and lesson learn was that to religiously check the water level to avoid undue hassle in future.


Naza Ria owner.

5th Jan 2009, 08:21

Dear All Naza Ria users.

I was believe only Kia or Naza service center advisors know the car condition for each mileage stage to carry out the proper maintenance schedule. We should trust them, I believe they are well train by the car design owner (Kia).

My Ria has already reach mileage 185,000km, so far, I didn't encountered engine failure.

One thing to be share here, I take care of my Ria by following the schedule maintenance for every 10,000km at Naza (Kia) service center start from 2004 (first date draw from Naza showroom).

3rd Feb 2009, 02:17

My Naza Ria GS was bought new in July 2004. I reckon it was one of the final batch of Naza "Carnival" brand before it moved its plant from Pekan to Gurun.

Here were/are the problem this big brother has:-

1. The display of digital clock unit would be filled with water after some time of heavy downpour. This has made the digital figure disfigured. There was no leakage in the sunroof area, as my mechanics told, however. I suspected it must be minor leakage along the windscreen fitting rubber nearer to the affected area.

2. There were occasional "wooooooit" sounds from the engine, especially after this big brother halted. The mechanics I met were all puzzled with my complaint as my Naza Ria hid its "bad habit" whenever I wanted mechanics to look for it.

3. Left tyre bearing worn out after two years, which was too early to defect, I supposed.

4. The connecting part of the air-suspension unit of the left folding table broke off. Thanks to my kids for heavily "using" it. But no thanks to Naza as it is supposed to be of heavy duty.

5. The screw of an arm-rest unit of middle passenger seat tend to lose easily. Again, thanks to my kids for using it as their pony. But no thanks to Naza again...

6. The plastic cover of driver's side seat has been dangling. The part which held the screw broke. Tried use super glue, but to no avail.

Thanks God, the water-in-clock problem and the weird sound from the engine have ceased to recur apparently. Perhaps my pray (or curse) really worked. The rest of the problems are purely cosmetic that I can live for. I don't judge a thing by its (cosmetic) look!

The engine, handling, air-cond are still working excellently. It hums and runs elegantly. Security is pretty much felt. Less body rolling: my kids can sleep comfortably anywhere and in anyway they want. And I never once felt tired after driving long distance (proven KL - Alor Setar and KL - KB routes).

I don't complain for its thirst for fuel because, for its sheer size, I understand the simple law of physic. And because I want to act like those rich Alphard owners who elegantly silent about fuel consumption of their cars.

Own one, but firstly be prepared for its needs. In doing that, you have mitigated problems that most Naza Ria owners are facing.