2005 Proton Gen-2 1.3 A 1.3


An excellent car value for money



General Comments:

This car is so good to drive. It is quick and could go up any hill with ease even with 4 adults and 1 child. Is is roomy and feels solid. I would smile from ear to ear whenever I am driving. Ride and handling is excellent and the booth has room for a long vacation. Thanks proton for such a lovely car. My children like to look at it.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2005

15th Jan 2006, 00:22

Are you working for proton?

16th Jan 2006, 19:03

From proton gen 2 1.3 owner: I am a Secondary Science Teacher by Profession with 21 years experience. Gen 2 1.3 is an excellent car.

19th Jan 2006, 21:54

This your first car?

7th Feb 2006, 07:54

It's great car, but the suspension... not good. had to change it. mind u, I'm not one who speeds. after first accident. started to give sounds when turning. like something is loose.

2004 Proton Gen-2 1.6 Campro


Aliff Aizat


The engine was very loud.

The engine was very weak before 4000 rpm after that here it comes..

Door is quite hard to open and its always broke.

Suspension was very bad.

Power window broke at day I bought that car and its been 4th time I repaired it.

Remote control lock not far and its already broke now.

Meter panel is good, but at night I can't see the red zone because the colour of the light.

The body of that car is very low in quality.

The brake is not good.

The turning radius very short and its hard for me to park this car.

The Blind Spot is very bad.

The tire was very very bad and yoou need to change it for safety.

General Comments:

Even there's a lot of bad thing of this car, I still like it.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2005

5th Sep 2005, 11:15

I just bought a GEN-2 (Highline model) recently. My comments after driving it for more than a month:

Good Points

1. Excellent ride & handling

2. Generally good sound insulation in the cabin

3. Boot may look small, but can definitely fit in a lot of things.

4. The high-line model with ABS+EBD, Dual air-bags & Leather seats is definitely worth the money. For a start, the brakes work wonderfully well.

5. Petrol consumption is reasonable

6. The audio system is great

7. Long distance travel with this car is a pleasure.

Bad Points

1. Proton Edar's slowness caused the delivery of my car to be delayed by a week.

2. Paintwork on the bonnet was stained with black marks that can't be removed. Anyway, I was able to claim warranty for it.

3. The front left door sensor switch was not functioning. Didn't notice it when I took delivery of the car, but it was the first thing I noticed after I brought the car home. This was fixed when I sent the car for the first 1000km service. It was loose contact problem.

4. The back seat (on the right) could not be lifted. When I applied some force, it tore the stitching on the leather seat. I was promised replacement in the next service. We'll have to see when the promise is kept.

5. The left center air-cond duct was stuck. This was rectified during the first 1000km service.

6.The front right door was rattling slightly. When I drove on uneven road.

7. I can't understand why Proton decided that lighting around the key hole is unnecessary. I find that to be useful and went to a car accessory to check whether I can install it, but was told by the shop owner that he does not dare do it as it was cause a lot of problems with the car circuitry which has a centralized control. I'm still stuck with the little inconvenience.

8. If only there is more headroom at the back seat, it would make the Gen-2 an even better buy

9. I had hope that Proton did not do away with the glove box.

Because of the issues, I would say that the GEN-2 is a good car. If Proton could really ensure that there are no quality issues from the start, I would consider this as a great car.

Would I buy another Proton? I might, but I'll pay extra attention to the quality!