Concord 258ci in-line six

Long live the memory of American Motors and the other innovative "independant" forebears

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Concord DL 258 V6

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Concord DX wagon 258 6 cylinder

Wish they still made them

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Concord DL 4.2L I6

Quite simply - I love this car

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Concord Limited 258 six cylinder

A great little sedan!

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Concord DL 258 6 cylinder

Not bad for a 22 year old car

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Concord DL 258ci

Should be like new for another 100K miles

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Concord DL 258

I believe this to be an excellent car

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Concord DL 4.2L (258cid, 2bbl)

Cheap, reliable transportation

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Concord DL 258 inline 6 cylinder

I love this car, and I love making heads turn!!!

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A decent car for its age

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Concord DL 4.2L straight six

Wonderful car that we miss

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