Sunfire 1.8 liter DOHC

The MOST reliable car I have ever owned!

138 words

Sunfire st 1.8 turbo

This car is solid, Solid, SOLID!!! No complaints

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Sunfire 1.8L DOHC

The car of my dreams

90 words

Sunfire 1.8

Never regretted buying it and still love it!

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Sunfire 1.8

Buy it with serious inspection

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Sunfire 1.8

Economical and fun car to drive

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Sunfire 1.8L inline 4

Amazing for the Price

66 words

Sunfire 1.8 DOHC

I love my Sunfire

107 words

Sunfire 1.8

This is a superb

97 words

Sunfire 1.8

If you can find one that has been taken care of, consider it

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Sunfire 1.8

Still destroys Hondas off the line

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Sunfire 1.8L

A well-balanced budget sports car for urban folks with no kids

322 words

Sunfire 1.8L

Bang for your buck performance

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Sunfire 1.4 liter 140 horsepower

The perfect poor man's sports car

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Sunfire 1.8L 140hp

A reliable, affordable, performance sports car

84 words

Sunfire 1.8

How a newbie car can beat Acuras and Civics?

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