TT Quattro 225

Great all wheel drive, good handling, 32 MPG and runs forever

106 words

TT Roadster 1.8 turbo

Excellent car, but get an extended guarantee

163 words

TT Quattro 1.8 turbo

Great car, better handling than Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3

56 words, 3 comments

TT Audi Roadster 1.8 liter 20 valve turbo 4 cylinder

The design of this car is a work of art!

99 words

TT Quattro

Despite the fact that it is bankrupting me, I honestly love it more than any car I've ever owned

93 words, 2 comments

TT Quattro 1.8 turbo

Awesome roadster!

153 words

TT Quattro Roadster 1.8T

Buying this car is a costly and frustrating mistake

224 words, 26 comments

TT 1.8

Quite a show car.

76 words

TT 1.8

44 words

TT Quattro 1.8 Twin turbo

Great styling, performance, poor German engineering

94 words, 2 comments

TT Coupe 4 cylinder

Sleek with quaility issues

133 words, 3 comments

TT Quattro roadster 1.8L 225HP

100 percent pure driving pleasure

101 words

TT 225 1.8

The TT is an Ingolstadt master piece!

95 words, 1 comment

TT 180 Roadster 1.8

A distinctive car that is fun to drive and a great value as well

279 words

TT Roadster 1.8 turbo

The best, most fun car I've ever driven

63 words

TT 225 Quattro 1.8 turbo four

Not a bad car, but it IS all about style

348 words, 1 comment

TT 1.8

Awesome car, great value

70 words