2001 Audi TT Roadster 1.8 turbo from North America


Excellent car, but get an extended guarantee


The first issue was a leaking windshield wiper reservoir container. This badly manufactured plastic bottle has been replaced three times. The last repair included an extra support bracket to, hopefully, eliminate this repair. The second issue was the turn signal controller. The last one is the now infamous instrument cluster failure. The is the third unit installed. Factory, 1st replacement, second replacement. This is supposed to be a much improved designed and manufactured model.

General Comments:

Overall I am very happy with the car. Not so much with Audi USA. This is a retirement/life achievement automobile and I researched many model before deciding on this one. Looks and trunk space were major factors. With the 5 speed and 180hp motor it is actually an economy car. I drive it year round except when there is snow/ice on the roads. The two wheel drive can be tricky on slippery surfaces. One of the best features for me is the handling/braking characteristics of this vehicle. Excellent overall.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2007

2001 Audi TT Quattro 1.8 turbo from North America


Great car, better handling than Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3



General Comments:

Great handling, surprisingly fast, sounds great. Looks fantastic. Bose Stereo sounds great even with top off on highway. Better gas mileage than my V-6 truck. I love this car, the way it feels, handles, and looks. I will baby this for as long as I own it, which will hopefully be for a long time.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2007

24th Sep 2007, 17:19

Nice well made, good looking car, but better handling than a Boxster? You are aware it's only Golf components under the skin, right?

The TT's handling is average at best, and a Boxster would take it apart on any road or circuit you care to mention.

26th Sep 2007, 10:00

Audi TT is a car with worst handling ever. The first time that car was test-driven by a reporter (car magazine), was disaster (handling-wise)

The only thing Audi did, to solve this problem, was a plastic body kit and rear spoiler.

The car still corners like a damn truck, trust me, I used to own one.

18th Sep 2008, 10:22

Not sure what TT you've been driving, but the one I've got in the UK chews Boxsters up for fun on winding roads. The quattro is sweet, and although the obviously larger Porsche engine has the edge on the straights, it cannot live with the TT on country roads, which let's face it, most roads are not perfectly straight, and if they are they are pretty boring to drive along.

I can go in a straight line in a Datsun Cherry, but would I want to?

No. TT for me every time, and I own a 911 also, but the TT is so much more fun, and gets more admiring looks.

2001 Audi TT Audi Roadster 1.8 liter 20 valve turbo 4 cylinder from North America


The design of this car is a work of art!


There is a blinking light on the instrument panel cautioning that the top is not secured. This occurs when the top is latched properly.

General Comments:

Iconic design. Much nicer appearance than the Porsche Boxter and the BMW Z3 both inside and out.

This car turns heads! My friends all want to drive it, especially my wife!

Has a potent fuel efficient turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.

Fits well in the garage.

The engine is smooth, propelling the car to 135 mph so effortlessly. The car also feels very stable at speeds above 125 mph.

The car is a joy to drive!

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Review Date: 19th May, 2007

2001 Audi TT Quattro from North America


Despite the fact that it is bankrupting me, I honestly love it more than any car I've ever owned


Timing belt slipped at 83,000 miles; engine destroyed according to dealer service department resulting in a $9,200 new engine repair bill.

Cracked brake fluid reservoir and cooling fan assembly relpaced at 83,000 miles.

Rear Brake light relay failed at 79,000 miles and was replaced.

Pollen filter, ball joints (?) headlight assembly on driver's side all replaced at 78,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car drives like a dream.

Quick acceleration.

Smooth transmission changes.

Feels very stable in the corners.

Instrumentation looks great and is well placed.

The trunk has much greater capacity than you might expect.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2006

6th Mar 2011, 22:03

A new engine at 83,000 miles?! My Ford has 183,000 miles and is still going strong with the original motor... Just saying.

21st Sep 2011, 04:23

The timing belt slipped. It's not an engine failure. Its improper servicing. The timing belts on all 1.8T engines need to be changed every 50 000 km to avoid slipping and snapping.