3 Series 323i 2.5 inline 6

The BMW experience costs too much

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3 Series 323i 2.5 Inline 6

Beautiful car, 300 000kms and still like a bullet

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3 Series 323i 2.5 liter I-6

The E46 BMW is a well designed entry level BMW that needed a few revisions prior to being released

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3 Series 323is 2.5L

Great car, a little pricey on repairs, but worth it in the long run

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3 Series 328 is

A great sports car with style and power

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3 Series i convertible 2.5L DOHC I6

Drive this car to the beach and throw a couple of your girlfriends in the back seat for a nice ride

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3 Series 323i

Great daily driver, very reliable and loads of fun to drive

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3 Series 328is 2.8 Liter inline six cylinder

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3 Series 328i 2.8 V6

This is as far as I would go to experience the BMW driving experience

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