Century Limited

Personal executive JET

396 words, 4 comments


A surprisingly reliable and comfortable rust bucket

277 words, 6 comments

Century Custom 3.3L

Comfortable, reliable, has power... A mover, not a shaker

200 words

Century Limited 3.3 (3.3L)


176 words

Century Custom 3.3 V6

This is a perfect first car or simple, inexpensive family car

345 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 3.3

It has never let me down

51 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 3.8Liter

Great little grocery getter, with a surprise

340 words, 2 comments

Century 3.3 Liter V6

Good first car

115 words

Century Custom 3.3

An excellent everyday car

81 words

Century Custom 3.3

Good, Fast, Inexpensive, American Car

287 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 4-Tech

An affordable, smooth riding car

104 words

Century Limited 3.3L V6

Mid-Performance like no other

97 words

Century Custom V6

52 words

Century Custom 3.3

High gas mileage, efficient, semi fast grandpa car

45 words

Century Custom 3.0 V6

A very reliable mid-performance comfortable car

248 words, 11 comments

Century Custom Sedan

Highly reliable without a high price

161 words

Century Custom 3.3 V6

A major pain in the butt

107 words, 1 comment