16th Mar 2011, 00:34

You cannot beat these cars for dependability, low cost,and comfort. My parents love these cars as they are super reliable, and there is always an old lady selling one in mint shape for really cheap.

Currently they have a 1995 Cutlass Ciera International, mint with 70 k on it, was bought for $1500. These cars will last a very long time, just get them undercoated for rust if you live up north and they will last forever. Everything is really cheap to fix too, and parts are plentiful. I really like the taillights on the Century too, looks like a spaceship!

21st Mar 2011, 11:13

Thanks for the comment.

Yes I love that big tail light. I personally think it is Buick trademark and looks good, and yes I've tried to do a good review because I speak from the heart and I am honest. You have GOT to be honest here when you do a review on carsurvey.

I've been coming here a couple of years before buying a car to give myself a good opinion on a model before I get it, and this place here is made for that. So be HONEST people when you do a review because this is the place for that and THAT only.

By doing so you give yourself and others the best chance to have the best deal and the best opinion on any car, we should work like that because I don't need to tell you that not all dealers are ok, or any sellers for that matter.

Thanks for the comment.

21st Mar 2011, 11:23

Thank for the reply sir, you know I have been loving those Buicks for a long time. I'm not too old, I am 42, but there's something about Buick that I love. It's like they're not too luxurious and not too cheap, I think they're inbetween those 2 things and that's good because they aren't too expensive.

I like comfort and power and I think Buick do that well. That's why they're still alive today. By the way have you seen the new Buick Regal? If not please check it out WOW. Maybe one day. LOL.

I'll probably buy another Regal in two years or so. This time a GS all black and interior all black leather with the amazing 3.8 super charge.

I just can't wait. :)