1990 Buick Century Limited from North America


Personal executive JET


Transmission oil seal.

General Comments:

I got this Buick for $1000. When I got it, it had just 80 thousand kilometres on it, so that wasn't much. The car looked REALLY nice, almost like a new car. Got 4 new summer tires with it and 4 winter tires. Wow, that was a DEAL!

The car just runs amazingly. I do admit however that I am a big Buick lover. I've had couple of them. I simply like those average luxury cars with good power and comfort.

I'm a truck driver for living, so I like the ride after work. It's got AC, automatic window, cruise control, everything in top shape. I'm still stunned I got this deal. Some coworkers don't believe that I paid 1000$ for it

That said, the car has good acceleration; it's no racer, but ain't no turtle either. You've got good power when you need it. Gas consumption, with an average half hour ride to get to work, and another one to get back home every day, mostly doing highway, costs me about 45 to 50$ week; not bad, and I do step on it on the highway (120).

So far, no problems with it. It's been a year and a half. I've got to tell you guys, comfort in this is simply amazing. I like it so much; it's like my living room. You have to pay big money to get that today in a car. The car feels luxurious and very safe going through big snow with no problem. It handles great, but when you feel a little bit sporty, the car doesn't like it, in that it bounces a lot. It's not made for that, it's more of a executive jet kind of power on the highway, with a smooth ride. You can follow any big car on the highway, no problem.

I like the big back tail light.

I changed the radio inside. I've installed a high quality one, with 2 Bose 6x9 in back, and 2 in the front. There's a USB key on the radio, and a phone plug to it with a 1000 watt amp; simply amazing. I'm a guy who likes quality, so it has to have a nice sound, and I'm satisfied.

If you see one in good condition, grab it, because they are becoming rare. I have the 3.3 motor, it's real bullet proof.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2011

12th Mar 2011, 21:20

Excellent review!!!

It captures the essence of the GM A-Body as blossomed into a nice car.

The 3.3 & 4 speed OD transaxle combination is a winner - great thrust in the legal speed range - at less than 75 MPH it was sprightly, but once it shifted into direct drive, your lane turned into concrete - WET concrete. But, in context with its current-day competition, it was a very polished team.

Finally - someone recognizes the big back tail light!!! A hat tip to the lovers of the 1965 Buick Special/Skylark/GS!!!

1990 Buick Century from North America


A surprisingly reliable and comfortable rust bucket


Replaced muffler.

Starter went 2 days ago; replaced yesterday.

Driver side power window sometimes struggles to close.

General Comments:

This car was given to me 2 years ago while I was a full time college student and my previous car died on me. The Century has been seriously reliable, it handles great, and the interior is very comfortable.

The body looks horrible. It is faded yellow and covered with rust spots. You would never guess what a reliable car it is. It's funny, but I have seen a few other Centuries on the road and they have the same faded, yellow color. And almost the exact same rust spots on the body! Must have been a design flaw of the time.

I have noticed that the ride is not as smooth as it used to be. The shocks or struts are old and I feel the road much more than I did last year. It's not worth it to replace them, the KBB value is only $545.

Not very good gas mileage. I have not measured specifically, but I guess under 20 miles/gallon. It would cost me quite a bit if I had a long commute. But short commutes are fine.

Tire wear has been uneven. I had the alignment checked, but they could find no problems. So I just have my tires rotated each time I have the oil changed every 3K miles.

I expect to get a different car in the Spring or Summer and replace my rust bucket. But I have to say that this has been a great, reliable car based on my needs. Running strong at 19 years and 173,000 miles; who could complain?!?

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Review Date: 25th December, 2008

23rd Jul 2009, 21:09

I am the writer of this review and I wish to update:

I was completely wrong with my comments on gas mileage. I started to keep track of the car's mileage this year. In my usual driving which is a combination of long and short trips, my Century typically gets between 24 and 29 mpg.

I recently drove from upstate NY to Montgomery, AL and back. The trip total over 4 days of driving was 2,334.5 miles. I used 67.89 gallons of gasoline. Average MPG for the entire trip was 34.386. For some stretches of highway driving I was getting over 37 mpg! I kept the speed between 65 and 85 mph.

The struts are shot so rough roads were uncomfortable, but the car performed admirably throughout the trip and gave me absolutely no problems. I kept up with everything else on the highway. The 3300 V6 engine is bulletproof. At 181,000 miles, what more could I ask for?

At this point I am no longer expecting to need to replace this car. I want to find out how far this car can go.