1990 Buick Century 3.3L from UK and Ireland


The 1991 Buick Century is the best all round car that I have ever driven - SIMPLY SPLENDID!


The computer fuel management had to be replaced at 81500 miles. It was a $400CDN job - AND THAT'S IT FOR REPAIRS in 14 years of same family ownership!

General Comments:

My Father had always been a GM fan dating from his first car in the 1930s. Once I reached driving age, I was given 'hand me down' Buicks and Oldsmobiles from my Dad. Even on a student budget and on a junior rungs of my Army career, I could always afford to maintain and put fuel into these cars.

I have inherited my Dad's 1991 Buick and have driven thousands of miles in it. The engine performance has been faultless. The ride is perfect and noise levels minimal. I work in the UK, and the ride/noise levels are similar to that of a Jaguar - without the headaches and expense!

Routine servicing and checks are a must, but you will be rewarded with a long-lasting car with plenty of 'go' and reliability.

Good in town and great on the highway, this old Buick sits for months in my garage in Canada until I come home on leave once or twice a year. For over five years now, this car 'fires up' on the first crank of the engine.

It is the only car that my 6ft 2in frame can sit in and drive 12 hours covering hundreds of miles in all weathers and still be comfortable. This is not my experience with the Mercs and BMWs I have owned in Europe (although VWs, Peugeots and Citroen have been good for driver comfort - but at a price!).

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Review Date: 17th February, 2007

1990 Buick Century Custom 3.3 from North America


It has never let me down


I have replaced the transmission, rack&pinion, alternator, and air compressor only once in this car. but for the mileage on it, I'd say that is pretty good.

General Comments:

I have owned many other cars in my life, but I can honestly say that this is the best car I have ever driven.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2005

16th Mar 2006, 09:18

The best car you've ever driven? Really? I mean, I like my Buick as much as the next guy, but the best car you've ever driven?

1990 Buick Century Custom 3.8Liter from North America


Great little grocery getter, with a surprise


When I first bought the car it had a few minor things that were wrong with it.

1) OEM spark plugs were still installed.

These were pulled out, and new Bosch Platinum plugs installed. (This got rid of much hesitation, and missing) This task took nearly 3 hours to complete, and required my climbing on top of the engine to reach the back set of plugs.

2) Brakes were toast. Rotors needed to be replaced, and new pads installed. This task was completed in under 2 hours.

3) Stock radio had to go... BLEH! This was replaced with a Sony CD/MP3/WMA player, and a wiring harness kit. This task took the better part of 2 hours to complete.

4) The seat backs are starting to wear, and learn a little too far back. This has not been repaired yet.

5) Headliner is falling down... Solution? rip the whole thing down :P.

6) The paint is shot on the hood. Needs a full repainting... but, there isn't a dent anywhere on the car.

General Comments:

Evidently the stock 3.3Liter engine was damaged sometime well before 103,000 miles. Someone replaced the 3.3Liter engine with a 3800 series II engine (block numbers point to a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville.

While this does seem to improve the performance... It didn't seem to bother the gas mileage. Which typically ranges around the 28 MPG mark.

In the straight line this car is QUICK! A lot more performance under the hood than one would guess.

In the corners... well this is where the Buick name, and the soft suspension tend to take over. This is NOT a sports car. The suspension would have to be totally reworked to make this thing handle well in the corners.

Overall, I would have to say that I like this car very much. I have looked around a bit, and I have not seen any 2-door models running around these parts, and images of them are hard to find even on the web. If anyone out there has a 2-door... give a yell.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2005

23rd Jul 2005, 17:24

I know the person whom wrote the survey above, and with regards to how the car handles, it is much better now after fixing the bar that keeps the rear of the car from moving side to side on the springs. As big an improvement this made in the cars handling, it still is not, a sports car... I have to say though, great cars GM, and I am glad they are getting better.

23rd Apr 2010, 02:06

Best car ever. A 3800 swapped into these little cars. Sweet. Probably very quick. But the 93 is a series 1 motor. Either way, best car ever.

I have a rare 1990 Century 2 door. 3300. Starts as fast as a light bulb. Love it. It's soon getting a 3800 series 2 with cam, injectors. It's beefed. I've owned two 2 doors. Best car ever designed. I love the looks. American all the way. Nothing is better than beating a Honda in a BUICK!!!