Century Limited 2.5L 4 cylinder

The car features the very best of 1980s technology and comfort

95 words, 5 comments

Century Custom 3.1

Cheap and dependable

140 words, 1 comment

Century 3.3 V6

Reliable, powerful and rather stylish for a Buick

114 words, 1 comment

Century Custom

Best car ever

335 words

Century Limited 3.3 V6

Dependable, smooth, comfortable, minimal repairs; what more could you ask for with 270,000 miles?

134 words

Century 3.3 V6

Old and fast

89 words

Century Custom 3.3 V6

My 13yo Wagon - a Fun and Quirky Car

290 words

Century limited 3.3

Good car. Help me with antenna please

174 words, 2 comments

Century Special 3.6

Amazing if only they still made cars like this!

215 words

Century 3.3 Liter MPFI

Rusty, yet trusty

251 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 2.5

Good reliable transportation with the 2.5L

109 words

Century Custom 3.3L V6

Very fast, very nice car!

218 words

Century Custom 3.3 liter V6

Not a car for students!!!

64 words, 17 comments

Century Custom 3.3

A solid, reliable, powerful and fairly comfortable car

100 words, 1 comment

Century Custom 3.3 liter

A great deal that keeps on ticking

51 words

Century Custom 3.3

Highly reliable!

200 words

Century Custom 3.3 liter

108 words, 12 comments