1992 Buick Century limited 3.3 from North America


Good car. Help me with antenna please


I noticed that some one had a comment about their radio antenna. 1992 Buick Century.

"Radio Antenna will not go up or down, stays running constantly. I have to pull the fuse to turn it off."

I have the same problem. The plastic cord that pushes and pulls the antenna pulls and down has now broken. This doesn't allow the limit switch for the full up, or the full down, to engage. Therefore the power antenna runs forever and kills the battery. The antenna is located in the front fender and is pain in the you know what to get at. Is there a way to kill power to the antenna with out getting to the antenna motor itself? Keep in mind that the power to this motor is not only powered by the radio, but by the ignition also. I understand that there might be a solenoid. Where ' exactly ' is that located? Also, If I simply unplug the radio, would that have any effect?

General Comments:

Been good except this radio antenna thing.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2007

25th Aug 2007, 22:01

Your car is awesome!

28th Aug 2007, 17:01

I have the same problem; it also affects the horn and the radio. We can't use the horn and therefore we will have a problem getting an inspection sticker. Looks like we will have to take off the fender.

12th Sep 2020, 22:52

My mother and grandmother had the same problem with the antenna motor running non stop.

When the antenna was full extended in the up position, I pulled back the carpet over the kick panel in front of the passenger side front door to access the wire harness for the antenna and I cut the power wire to the antenna motor on the antenna's wires itself, as opposed to the harness which plugs into it.

13th Sep 2020, 15:32

The horn isn’t needed as part of an inspection. I’ve been through emissions tests in 3 different states and never had to use the horn as part of that. They only care if your check engine light is on.

1992 Buick Century Special 3.6 from North America


Amazing if only they still made cars like this!


When I bought the car it needed pads and rotors that I replaced myself.

I bought two new tires which were $60 each.

I had the oil changed twice at $11 on ladies day at Monroe muffler.

The Tumbler in went the day I bought it so I could not start the car. Cost a lot for a tow and for a locksmith to make new keys and put the new ignition in.

The car only had 82,000 miles when I bought it and cost me $1,500.

The last fix has been the most expensive. A Lady hit me and it will cost 1,700 for a new bumper and a side light! More than the car…so it may be a total loss : (

General Comments:

The insurance company is paying, but they may total my car being as the car’s only valued at $2,250 and they want the fix cost to be 75% of the value or less. The car is a great ride and a good car. If someone hits you be wary your insurance my try to total your car! It’s worth it though the Buick Century’s are amazing cars. The woman who hit me was in a SUV dented my car only slightly and ruined her axle. Ha…that’s great American cars for you!

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Review Date: 1st June, 2006

1992 Buick Century 3.3 Liter MPFI from North America


Rusty, yet trusty


Replaced front pads & rotors.

Replaced parking brake cables.

One tire--$67..cheap yet I expected even cheaper. Tires were this size in the 60's and 70's (185-75R14) Soon will need all 4 and I may go wild with low profile 195-70R14's. Look out world.

Replaced windshield-rock got it.

AC inoperative.

Styling inoperative.

General Comments:

Even with those few items, has been a great car that gets about 24mpg in mixed driving. It's only a 3-speed so I expected less. Interior coffee stained, but very comfortable, trunk large enough to swallow my mountain bike with relative ease. Power reclining seats are a nice touch, and there's map lights aplenty.

Performance is good, the lack of an overdrive makes it easy to adjust your speed on the expressway without forcing a down-shift. I always did like the steering in this platform, I have had a Pontiac 6000 and a Chevy Celebrity and this Buick has the same good tracking and tight turning radius as I remember. The Sentra I owned before this car had the worst steering on the planet, even without strong crosswinds.

The only problem I see coming up is the transmission will have to be replaced soon. It gets stuck in limbo between gears and at times decides that operating only in second gear would be good for a laugh. Then it is fine for two weeks. Grrrr.

I would definitely buy another one... it has been almost Toyota-like in it's reliability. And now that I've said that, the bumper will fall off.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2006

19th Oct 2010, 18:29

Nice review! I especially love where you mention it is comparable to Toyota in quality. My sister has a 1998 Corolla with 280,000 miles. It has a serious power steering leak (refilled every 3 days) and the engine's in pretty bad shape, but for how little she's put into the car over the years and how long it's truly lasted, it's nothing short of astounding! My '99 Corolla's engine died last August ('some idiot' decided to wait too long to put in oil), so my friend offered to sell me his '93 Century with 112,000 miles. I'm cautious considering how it's a 17 year old car with so few miles, but I trust it will do me well until I can afford a new engine.