1st Sep 2001, 00:13

I agree with the previous comment. Before I purchased my 1992 Buick Century, I'd been driving a 1991 Century for 4 years and had no troubles with it. I expect the same with my 1992. The Buick Century is a great car. Period.

6th Jul 2002, 14:21

The Buick Century does not have a small interior. I am 6'4 230 pounds and I fit in any seat. My brother is 6'7 and he fits comfortably too, and he can't put the seat all the way back or else he can't reach the pedals. My advice, get a Lincoln Navigator. It is a huge Luxury car, the car of choice of NBA players. A Ford Excursion would also make you happy, the biggest SUV ever. If you get the joke "The Maibatsu Monstrosity"

18th Aug 2002, 12:56

I bought my 1992 Buick Century in 1991 brand new, and I have never had a problem with it. Buying it was the smartest decision I ever made. I have 145,000 miles on it and it runs great. We drove it from Michigan to California and to Florida, and a couple of times to New York, and I'm telling you, it still runs great. It outlasted me, my oldest son, and now, my youngest son is driving it. I really recommend this car to anyone.

26th Oct 2002, 10:45

I too agree with the last four comments. I have owned my 1992 Century Custom for one year. Started with 69,000,now 75,000. Replaced alternator, new tires, replaced all fluids with new and I must tell you I absolutely LOVE this car. Arizona summers are hard on any car, but nothing but nice cold air.Wonderful!

I'm 6', have plenty of room. The fabric interior is very comfortable and easy to keep fresh. Gas economy is very good and the V-6 has more than enough for every maneuver.

3rd Nov 2002, 09:19

I bought mine brand new in 92 and I only have 3 complaints about it. The first is the engine. Although it has plenty of power I hate how roughly it idles. When it was new and still under warranty I brought it in several times. They finally just said that's the nature of the beast. The second is the alternator. As of today I have approx 90,000 miles on it and have replaced the alternator 6 times for failed bearings. I believe it is a cooling airflow problem. Lucky for me it is not to difficult to change. The third, as mentioned by the first persons comment, is the power windows. The back where the first to go and there is no way the the motors are worn out, the were rarely used! I am hoping it is just the switches are corroded or something. But, on a positive note, the reason the windows were never used is because the AC works so well. 10 years and I am still on the original frion charge. Conclusion, A great family car for a person who is on a tight budget and can work on his own car. That ability has saved me thousands!

25th Nov 2003, 20:08

I bought my 1992 Buick Century in 1995 and it had 23,000 km's on it. Now it has 365,000 km's. It has been a great commute vehicle as I travel over 100 km's to work (200km's return). I have only ever replaced items such as brakes, alternator (3 times, one was under warranty) tires and battery and had regular maintenance oil changes, tune-ups etc. No window problems. The front wheel drive makes it very reliable in the snow. The only problem now is that I hit a large rock which caused a blow out and being on a hill with a mountain on the right did not help. Now I need to look for another car and I would gladly buy another Buick Century if I could find one with the money I get from insurance.

1st Dec 2007, 22:52

I bought my 1992 Buick Century Custom in 2000 with 69,000 miles on it for $3500. It's now at 118,000 and have no major problems with the car. While it's not a flashy car by any means, it has been a super reliable car as it had gotten me through one year in high school, through college, and now currently though graduate school. As my debt for school increases, it's nice not to worry about additional expenses with my 1992 Buick Century.

13th Jul 2008, 23:22

My 92 Century Custom has 145000 miles on it and I race that car all the time and I don't have any problems. The 3.3 V6 will fly past Ford Probes, Cavaliers, Civics, basically everything, it's so fast.

28th Feb 2014, 08:54

I got a Buick Century and it has 967,000 miles. Only replaced tires and regular maintenance. Good car - gonna try to make 2 million miles.

3rd Nov 2015, 17:02

We bought our 92 Buick Century Custom 2 door in 2005 with 97,000 miles on it. It has the 3.3L V6. It is white with burgundy interior. In the last 10 years we have only seen one other 2 door 92 Century on the road in Washington state, and it was also white with burgundy interior. I was told by a partsman at a GM dealership that the City of Eugene, in Oregon, purchased a dozen or so of the 2 doors for their city fleet and that many are still on the road, having been surplused by the city long ago.

Although our Century spent the first 13 years in the state of Illinois, the only rust damage was on the rear of the trunk lid and the bottom of the doors. I found a pristine white trunk lid at a wrecking yard for $35 from a 4 door. The door bottoms took about 2-3 hours each to weld in new sheet metal and paint.

The previous owner had the oil changed every 10-12,000 miles and drove it everyday without a single problem. Besides the usual things one would expect to replace at or before 13 years/100,000 miles (belt, hoses, spark plugs, shocks, muffler, tires, brakes, air & fuel filter, PCV valve, oil and filter), we also replaced the alternator, fuel pump, water pump, belt tensioner/idler, and the front upper engine mount (dogbone).

It is now ten years later, odometer just hit 170,000 and we just drove the Buick to Arizona and back in the hottest part of the summer. It was 100+ degrees Fahrenheit in the shade and there was no shade! We averaged 29.6 MPG at 75-85 mph, went close to 3000 miles, and never even opened the hood. That is why we love our Buick Century!

5th Nov 2015, 00:40

I could beat that mileage with my 2005 Park Avenue on the highway, which probably outweighed your car by close to 1000 pounds. Those were about the best modern Buicks made. It was very disappointing when Buick discontinued them. The modern Buick sedans are just hideous, and represent nothing that the great cars from the past did. I really wish I still had mine.