I love this car, and will keep driving till it can't be driven anymore!

46 words, 3 comments

Century Special 6 cylinder


205 words

Century 3.3

This has been a great car!

111 words

Century Custom V6

Fabulous car and don't have one single complaint

71 words, 2 comments


Perfect, couldn't have asked for anything better!

284 words, 1 comment

Century Special 3.3L V6

I'm keeping it, and it's paid for!

439 words

Century Wagon Special V6 3.3

It's a great car

44 words

Century 3.8 gas

127 words, 2 comments

Century Custom 3.3 liter V6

Every Buick Century of this Era that I've seen is bullet proof. Excellent Car. Would buy another!

80 words


Gift that keeps giving

77 words

Century 3.3 Liter MPFI

If it dies, I'll buy another!

206 words, 2 comments

Century Custom 3.3 litre

Excellent value, power and comfort for a low price

478 words

Century Special 3.3Litre V6 MFI 12V

An all around great car

153 words

Century 6 cylinder

Your Solid, Dependable Granny Mobile

283 words

Century 3.3

An outstanding and reliable bargain

103 words

Century Custom 3.3 Fuel Injection

A good overall no frills Buick that gets the job done

126 words

Century Custom 3.3L V6

The perfect budget car

67 words, 5 comments

Century Custom 3.3 V6

The 1993 Buick Century Custom is a solid daily driver

89 words, 1 comment

Century Special 3.3L V6

A pillow-soft cruiser

251 words, 5 comments

Century Special 3.3 V6

A dependable, comfortable bargain

83 words