Century 3.1 V6

Poor quality, reliability and potentially dangerous

89 words, 8 comments

Century Custom 3.1

Very reliable, cheap to repair and comfortable transportation

159 words

Century 3.1 liter V6 gas

Dangerous, poor quality, reliability and no resale value

139 words, 4 comments


This has been a bad car and a real black eye for GM

232 words

Century 3.1L

I love the car, but it's gotten too costly to keep on the road

29 words

Century Custom 3.1L 6 cylinder


164 words

Century Limited 4 door 3.6

Great everyday driver - 70,000 miles plus

121 words


Never again! Ford is making a better product than GM!

108 words, 8 comments

Century Custom 3.1 Gas

Very good with the tire and suspension modifications I've made

150 words


Extremely reliable, and ready to go for the long haul

313 words, 5 comments


Great ride, great comfort; I love this car!

130 words

Century Limited 6 cylinder 3.1L

Disappointing version of a once reliable product

439 words, 1 comment

Century Limited 3.1 liter V6 SFI

Very reliable and comfortable car

116 words

Century Limited 3.1L

Very comfortable, but unreliable

100 words, 5 comments

Century Limited 3.1 Liter

This is the most unreliable car I've ever owned

56 words


Runs good, but there have been too many component failures

159 words, 37 comments


It's a fine automobile, great gas mileage

119 words

Century Custom 3.1L V6

Smooth Grandpa Car

72 words

Century Custom 3.1 V6

A very solid/reliable car

193 words

Century SE 3.1

A decent vehicle, but nothing on it is exceptional

68 words

Century Custom

My 1989 Taurus was tighter and smoother than this 2001 model car

163 words, 5 comments

Century Limited 3.1 V6

A nice ride at a reasonable price

52 words