Park Avenue Base 3.8L L36 V6

The best car I have ever owned

283 words

Park Avenue 3.8L

Excellent car, great MPG, comfortable

177 words, 3 comments

Park Avenue Ultra 3.8 Supercharged

One of GM's unsung great cars

1115 words, 1 comment

Park Avenue Regular 3.8 Regular

Should have bought one 20 years ago - excellent

304 words, 5 comments

Park Avenue 3.8

Great car, bad intake gasket system

69 words

Park Avenue 3.8 liter V6

Don't get me wrong, it's luxurious, but unless you are on a luxury car budget, don't buy one

811 words, 17 comments

Park Avenue V6 3.8 II series

Have it checked over before buying

169 words

Park Avenue 3.8

Great for the money, but don't expect the same level as expensive imports

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