28th Oct 2010, 18:12

I'm curious if your Park Avenue has the Dynaride suspension or the Gran Touring.

30th Oct 2010, 13:41

My 2005 has the same suspension. It is actually not referred to as "Dynaride" on the window sticker, just as the four-wheel independent suspension, which I'm sure was not revised from what was referred to as the Dynaride Suspension (not sure when they dropped that name). They stopped putting the little badges on the dash stating whether the car had Dynaride or Gran Touring in '98. BTW, the Century also had this suspension as standard through 2005.

30th Oct 2010, 14:02

I just thought I'd point out that back in May of 2005, someone stated that more Town Car owners on this site were satisfied with their cars than Park Avenue owners. Well that is just not so. When you click on the specific model, it breaks down what percent of reviewers said they would purchase another car from that manufacturer, and 86% of Buick owners said they would, and only 85% of Lincoln owners said they would. I realize that is very close, however I just wanted to point out as is often the case on this site, people make general assumptions that are just not backed up with facts. I think that both models are great choices, and it is very unfortunate that the Town Car is soon to be extinct, as the Park Avenue has been for years now.

13th Sep 2015, 22:40

Hello fellow Park Ave. Ultra owners.

Let's see, I bought a 98 Ultra - such a deal. $900 with 97,000 miles. It made a slight grinding noise, but my brother-in-law (engineer) assured me no problem, best engine made etc. He has since passed away.

After 6 months of maybe 1000 miles, the noise got REALLY loud. Turned out to be a supercharger problem - $400.

Then after a few weeks the A/C went $500 (an off clock mechanic fixed it his garage at home). I'm in Fl., need for Drs., I am on oxygen. I can't overheat, it's dangerous. A/C worked fine, but not that cool of air. A few weeks of that and the A/C only trickled out, but sometimes would blast. Couldn't diagnose it because every time I turned the car off for the mechanic it would blow cold! A GHOST playing tricks! It went on for weeks, ain't broke don't fix.

Then nothing... trapped in a hot car, almost needed an ambulance, but was saved by AAA. Turned out to be a module to the blower, $380.00. That fixed it, but the fan on high runs SO LOUD it's like a truck! Anyhow, the car is now into me for almost $1300. I think the guy that sold it to me, knew damn well what was coming, and my brother-in-law missed it.

I really love this car, even though it's old. The problem is I am scared after coming here, as I have no more money for repairs. Could maybe sell it, but I don't think could recoup the price + repairs. I am 60s woman and would like to tell all you MEN, it's really a rotten thing to do to LIE about car and dump it off on a woman in need. Yeah, I know "buyer beware" and all that, but it would be nice to believe again when am reassured am getting a GREAT DEAL!

26th Feb 2020, 15:12

Explore all Northstar "advantages" before you consider that; read about it more and talk to motorists, not "mechanics" in the shops.

26th Feb 2020, 22:28

Consider Paratransit - a few dollars to take you anywhere. Pick you up, drop you off. Saying this in a nice way. My mom had medical concerns yet was quite mobile. Getting around with unreliable transportation is unwise. Wish you well! Good luck!