29th Jan 2005, 00:46

Headrests are designed to prevent whiplash. They keep your head from snapping back during an accident. You can rest your head on them, but that's not what they're there for.

26th Mar 2005, 16:28

I own a 1991 Park Ave with 231,000 miles on it. I Just recently bought another one, off ebay 1995 Park Ave Ultra with just 62,000 miles on it. The super Charger does make a big difference 0-70 mph not so much passing at 65-75 mph. I once owned a 1985 Cadilac Sedan De ville. I prefer the Buick's. As a side note I own a 1997 Ford ranger and the switch that adjusts the heat/AC broke. Ford said I needed a new heater box $200 part $700 labor, and that's not even a luxury vehicle.

9th May 2005, 02:44

I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Maybe you don't look for the same things I look for in a car. I don't think that the Park Avenue is nicer than a DeVille, which is what I'm guessing was your previous car.

I'm sure some people have had good luck with Park Avenues, I was just saying that this model and ones like it tend to be on the cheap side, quality wise. Look, I'm not the only person on this website who has had bad experience with the 97-05 Park Avenue model. There are a number of other folks on this website that have had a lot of problems as well. If you are smart, get one used, and make sure it has been well maintained.

My car is always in a garage and has good care, but still, the chrome plastic pieces on the front bumper are starting to bubble up. They should have used metal (yeah right).

What difference does it make if you can go 0-70 one second faster? It isn't a sports car! I couldn't justify the extra price of the ultra model for 40 more horsepower. I drove both of them, didn't really notice a lot of a speed difference, (there was some) so I opted that I wouldn't get the ultra, save a little money and never have to worry about a GM supercharger problem.

9th May 2005, 02:54

Go look at the people who have left reviews for the town car. Pick a year, the vast majority have loved the car. With Cadillac and Buick Park Avenues, it just isn't the same. If you want true comfort, you have to go with Lincoln or something European. We could argue about Lincoln vs. Cadillac all day, but for someone who has had quite a few cars from both makers, I like the Lincoln better. Cadillac has done some nice things, but it's just not all there.

1st May 2006, 20:13

Technologically speaking, Cadillac is generally a step ahead of Lincoln, nowadays it's a few steps ahead of Lincoln, but that means nothing in terms of quality and people liking the car.

4th Aug 2006, 17:36

"The supercharger is weak and is a waste of money"

One of many clues in this article to let you know that this reviewer has not a sweet clue of what they are talking about.

16th Aug 2006, 16:58

I reviewed about 200 different cars on this site before buying my most recent car. Thank you so much for this site, and for the reviews and comments.

I purchased a 1998 Park Ave. I love this car. I have never named a car before, but her's is Sadie. This car has been a dream to drive and I have had no problems.

I will continue to check this site and to purchase from Buick/GM from now on. Thanks again!

7th Aug 2007, 02:09

I'm thinking of getting a used 1998 park ave ultra supercharged. my dad owned a '93 bonneville SSE with the 3800 SC engine. he just sold it last year and bought it new. there was never a problem with the supercharger unit. he changed the gear case oil once on it at about 100,000km which is more than the recommended interval. I would have no problem buying a 3800SC engine.

The idea of the supercharger is to give you some extra power from a standing start to give the impression of a V-8 where a V-6 will fit. it is no coincidence that the last generation of riviera was produced with far more supercharged models versus the naturally aspirated 3800.

20th Feb 2009, 21:02

I own a 1998 Park Avenue Ultra and I love it!!! I love the whine of the supercharger when you give it hell. LOL. I have a smaller pulley on my car and also I have a few mods (300+ horsepower). And I also installed HID headlights, and with the way the headlights are set up, they look and produce a BRIGHT light output that is just like a "projector" headlight. I have everything in my package except the HUD which I don't like.

My brother has the same car that I have, and the only reason he has his is because he liked mine so much he had to get one for himself. He has the HUD and I can't stand looking through it, it messes with my head too much. LOL.

Other than that... PARK AVENUE ULTRAS run these streets. ;)

I bought my 1998 Park Avenue Ultra for $3,700 (tax, title, license) is included in that price. You just have to wait and keep looking. It took me 5 months to find this car, and I am so glad I bought it.

21st Feb 2009, 14:15

I have an '05 Park Avenue that I purchased used. It also has the HUD which I find distracting. I not only completely dimmed it, but moved the image as far down as it will go, otherwise you still have a slight glow visible at night. I do however like the rear park assist which was grouped with the HUD option in '05.

26th Oct 2010, 12:29

Original poster here... The car is still in great shape. Have not had many issues with it since I typed this review 7 years ago. I haven't put that many miles on it since then, I think the car has about 60,000 on it now.

It has had some electrical problems with sensors and such. The wiper fluid, battery sensor, door ajar, and temperature have all had some sort of quirk, and were replaced.

Be careful where you take a unibody car... This car was taken to a dealership a while back (I can't remember the reason), but when the car was done, I could tell they had not lifted the car at the proper jacking points on the body, so the doors started to sag, and most of the body panels were out of alignment. The car looked seriously ghetto after that happened. They eventually fixed the car, and realigned all of the body panels.

26th Oct 2010, 17:04

I have to disagree with you that the Town Car drives smoother than the Park Avenue. I have a 2005 with the 4 wheel independent Dynaride suspension, and it rides smoother than almost any car I've ever driven. My grandparents have a '99 Town Car, and the ride is close, but I think my car has a softer ride. I recently test drove a 2010 Town Car, and Ford has really stiffened the suspension up, it is no contest anymore. I had a 1999 Park Avenue with the Gran Touring suspension, and I can tell you that the Dynaride suspension is much more comfortable, if you like that traditional "floaty" ride that Buick used to master so well.