Regal Custom Sedan 3.8 V6

Luxurious, gorgeous, dependable tank

555 words, 2 comments

Regal Limited 3.8

Great used vehicle

70 words

Regal custom 3.8

Good first car

45 words

Regal 3.8

Very reliable!

58 words

Regal 3.8L V6

Built to last

91 words, 3 comments

Regal Custom 3.8 V6

Luxurious and Powerful

189 words, 3 comments

Regal Custom 3.8 litre

Very good car when it's below 200000 kilometres

107 words, 4 comments

Regal Custom 3.8

This is a great used car buy

70 words

Regal Custom 3.8

If you buy it used it's a great deal with tons of power and style

116 words

Regal Custom Coupe 3.8L V6

A powerful and reliable luxury coupe

187 words

Regal Gran Sport 3.8

Performance and luxury in one package

77 words

Regal Custom 3.8

Best $1950 ever spent

80 words, 1 comment

Regal Custom 3.8

Good motor, but too many things are going wrong for a car that is being well maintained

111 words

Regal Custom 3.8

Great small family sedan

36 words

Regal GS 3.8Liter

A beautiful tight driver with a lot of power

103 words, 26 comments

Regal Gran Sport 3.8 3800 fuel injected

Not a granny car when it's against an import

101 words, 1 comment

Regal Gran Sport 3.8

Real nice car

34 words, 2 comments

Regal Custom 3800

Buick quality

50 words, 5 comments