DeVille 4.9

Amazing 23 year old car!

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DeVille 4.9L V8

Great, reliable American luxury!

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Best cruiser on the planet

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DeVille 4.9

I love it!

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DeVille 4.9

Great cruiser for someone who maintains it like a luxury car, even though it is equipped with a 4.9

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DeVille Sedan 4.9 Liter V8 PFI

Love it and will miss it

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DeVille 4.9 V8

Awesome true American Luxury

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DeVille 4.9 Liter

It is a very dependable well built car with all the comforts of home

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DeVille Sedan Deville 4.9

Great Power and a smooth ride

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DeVille sedan 4.9liter V8

I think I just got unlucky

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DeVille Touring Sedan 4.9L V8

Cadillac is the way to go

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DeVille 4.9 V8 TBI

A classy, comfortable cruiser if you take care of it

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DeVille 4.9L V8

It's a comfy cruiser with scary expensive parts to replace

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DeVille Coupe 4.9

I love it

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DeVille 4.9 V8

Nice comfortable car, but expensive to repair

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DeVille Sedan 4.9L

A beautiful, powerful, luxurious hotrod; albeit expensive to maintain.

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DeVille Sedan Deville 4.9L (300 ci)

Luxury, but requires constant maintenance and care

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DeVille 4.9 V8

Stylish and comfortable, but costly

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