1992 Cadillac DeVille 4.9 from North America


Amazing 23 year old car!


Nothing! Just tires and brakes.

General Comments:

I "stole" this car for the price. I bought it for $1300 2 years ago and I've more than got my money's worth. I put many miles on it since then and it never once left me stranded. Just have had to replace tires and battery once. It has no trouble starting even in sub zero temps. Doesn't burn oil, and rides and drives like a dream. It's amazing for a 23 year old car.

It has served me very well! I highly recommend. Wish I bought it long ago.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2015

2nd Aug 2015, 23:37

The 4.9L engines were very reliable, and most of them that rust did not kill are still on the road today. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

1992 Cadillac DeVille 4.9L V8 from North America


Great, reliable American luxury!


First off, nothing was really wrong with the car up until I had a run in with a 2012 model Mazda Miata. My Cadillac completely totaled the Mazda, and I ended up driving away from the accident.

After the crash, the radiator fan assembly went bad, both CV axles now need replaced, and I need a new gas tank because the baffles broke, so when fuel rushes to the front of the tank, if there's not much gas in the tank, the car stalls, but always starts right back up.

General Comments:

Even though the accident caused a lot of issues with the vehicle, I still have had no problems getting from A to B. The car has never left me stranded and has been great to me. I will fix this car back to 100% specifications, and will continue driving her until the wheels fall off, which most likely will be never... LOL.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2012

14th Sep 2012, 15:11

Yeah, sorry to hear about the accident. A family member got into an accident one time in a 95 Fleetwood. A 1998 Camry t-boned the Cadillac. The Camry was dead on the spot, including a passenger. My family member walked away without a single scratch, and only a big Camry front end sized dent on the front driver's door and front fender. The Cadillac's frame and interior workings were untouched. The Camry engine entered into the passenger compartment, causing the passenger death and severe injury to the driver. The Camry was clocked at about 50 mph. If you had seen this Camry afterwards, you would have sworn it ran into a reinforced brick wall, like one of those crash test commercials.

1st Sep 2014, 02:04

UPDATE: 247,000 miles and running strong. Just needs some minor TLC, and I'm hoping to get this car to 300k. That's the goal.

2nd Feb 2016, 04:27

So far I have over 340 thousand on mine... Time for another trip across the continent ;)

6th Feb 2016, 03:54

The 4.9L V8 these cars use is pretty good, so I think you may see your goal met. A shame they totally replaced these with that dreadful Northstar engine series in 1996.

6th Feb 2016, 19:22

Had a '93 DeVille years back. The 4.9 was a good motor. I agree about the "dreadful" Northstar. That motor is the reason why I've owned a Town Car the past 9 years.

20th Feb 2020, 20:43

Glad you're updating! Can you give another update? Do you have it still, or how far did you get it thanks?

1992 Cadillac DeVille from North America


Best cruiser on the planet


Fuel pressure was low, car would not accept gas pedal input, replaced fuel pump and sending unit -- so far the car is perfect again.

ABS problem sure -- put black tape over the light in the dash; fixed the problem cheaply!

General Comments:

This is my second 1992 DeVille. The first one blew head gaskets and was too expensive to fix.

I do think this car is among the best cars I've ever owned. It is surprisingly fast, comfortable beyond necessary, and I believe it has the lines that make it a distinct class for the Cadillac marque.

Some other owners complained about the gas mileage; my experience has been pleasantly the opposite. I consistently average 17 miles per gallon in town, and 23 plus on flat open highway. On a trip this summer from Charlotte, N.C. to Washington D.C. I averaged 24.3mpg. Pretty good for an 18 year old car with three people in it and luggage, while cruising at 70mph.

My overall impression of the 92 Cad is it's an outstanding car, and I hope mine lasts a lifetime.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2010

14th Sep 2012, 15:21

Not sure who complains about gas mileage in that car. Maybe their car is out of tune and/or compared to a Nissan Leaf?

I have found that the 1992 Deville gets better MPG than the so called more advanced Northstar powered 2002 Deville Touring Sedan, and rides better to boot. Tens years later with more technology, and the new Deville feels a step back as far as efficiency and interior materials go. Yes, the new ones have more up to date styling, and better get up and go, but the quality has fallen. But that is not solely Cadillac though, but most auto makers.

26th Sep 2012, 20:20

I concur with every comment, save the gas mileage. Where I live (Reno, NV), the lights are far from synchronized, and gas mileage suffers because of many starts from a dead stop.

It's a great road car, and it has some snap due to its flat torque curve engine. You can buy a lot of gas for what you would pay for a new vehicle. I love it.