1992 Cadillac DeVille 4.9 V8 from North America


Nice comfortable car, but expensive to repair


Throttle position sensor went-only 20 bucks for a new one.

Fuel pump gave out-job cost was $300-pump is hard to change because it is located inside of tank.

Digital dash failed-$1000 from dealer to fix-found one at junkyard for $150.

Struts need replaced, but are expensive so I'm letting it go.

Alarm goes off all of the time when opening and closing doors and trunk due to faulty trunk lock and keyless entry system.

General Comments:

This is a really comfortable car however for its size you would think it would be better on fuel. The V8 is really smooth and obviously reliable. These cars are over-rated by the manufacturer and are not worth the original $34,000 sticker price, but it's great to find one used because they are the about the same price as a used Cavalier and are much nicer! The front wheel drive doesn't impress me much and I will probably go to a Town Car or Brougham. Overall these cars are really nice, but you have to shop around when buying parts because they are really expensive.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

1992 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.9L from North America


A beautiful, powerful, luxurious hotrod; albeit expensive to maintain.


The digital gas gage reads incorrectly, which is a known problem on this model. The car "thinks" it is empty at 4 gallons. A problem I can live with.

Had the heater core replaced, along with a full Caddy 100,000 mile tune-up. Had to go back because the A/C was blowing hot air AFTER the tune-up. Head mechanic, "Hoses bust all the time, ma'am, yadda yadda." (Not on my car right after an expensive tune-up, buddy.) He noticed my hubby chatting it up with HIS boss, the dealership owner, & realized they knew one another. They "found" the problem in under 10 minutes (air-door-mix hose not re-attached). I drove off shivering & grinning. :-)

The car has an oil leak, which the previous owner disclosed before purchase. The leak is slight, but I keep the oil checked anyway. (People that don't check their oil have no business owning a car.)

The struts (shocks/springs?) are starting to get soft, but I expect that on a car that is nearly 13 years old & traverses country roads.

Had the truck pull-down mechanism replaced by a private shop ($50). I wasn't taking my 'baby' back to that other mechanic so he could try to gouge me again.

By the way, you can fit 3 large golf bags in the cavernous trunk with room to spare.

General Comments:

I LOVE my car! It is powerful, comfortable & easy on the eyes.

It's dark blue & silver with a full carriage top, which makes it a very quiet ride. Quite an eye-catcher.

The back seat & trunk are HUGE! It's like riding a plush sofa down the highway.

My kids (21, 17 & 14) have dibs on who is going to "inherit" this car when I get "tired" of it. :-)

I wanted leather, power & luxury at a reduced price & I got it. I have the original window sticker; this car sold for $33,000 in 1992. I am the 3rd owner & the interior is still in beautiful condition.

It's fun to tell admiring folks that the car is nearly 13 years old - mouths dropping open tickle me dearly! Hee!

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Review Date: 5th June, 2003

15th Dec 2004, 18:51

I just bought a 1992 Sedan Deville, 99k miles, mint condition, very quick, very luxurious, I'm gonna spend a long time with this car and I will love it a lot!!!

1992 Cadillac DeVille Sedan Deville 4.9L (300 ci) from North America


Luxury, but requires constant maintenance and care


I obtained this car in September 2000 as a graduation gift from college. The A/C had problems from the beginning, and to this day, it still doesn't work all the time. It's very cold at the compressor, but there's either something blocking the vents or a pressure leak somewhere in the vent/fan system.

The engine was rebuilt within one month of getting the car because a head gasket had a hole in it. Related to the engine, I've had the water pump and radiator replaced, a new thermostat, and new spark plugs.

The left front brake line has leaked at least twice, and I've had to flush and refill the brake fluid twice - once at 83,000 miles and again at 104,000 miles. It may be due to the weight of the engine, but the left front seems to be the one to break first.

One note about the radiator/cooling tank reservoir, make sure to use the GM Sealant since Cadillac uses a proprietary cooling mechanism that is NOT self-sealing like the other GM lines use to cool the engine.

Had the shocks replaced at 102,000 miles - they were not in the best of condition when I got the car, but you can drive a good 25,000 miles on worn shocks w/o incurring damage to the car.

The only other problem is the closing switch for the trunk malfunctioned, and I had to have the entire mechanism replaced.

General Comments:

There are a few other little things I've had to do; but overall, I've been pleased with the car.

I'm rough on the car considering I go off-road occasionally - I don't mind getting into mud - and I drive it in snow during the winter. I drive about 300 miles week, and I've averaged about 1500 miles a month over the last year.

It is different for a college student, and I enjoy driving it around. It feels very roomy and being average height, I like my leg room.

Overall, I'm glad I have and I'm going to drive it until it dies - though I do have to prioritize the repairs given this is a 11-year-old car, but it's worth it.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003