1996 Cadillac DeVille reviews from North America


Great for people that have money to spend on repairs

DeVille 4.6 Northstar

Great Example of American Luxury

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DeVille deville 4.6


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DeVille Northstar

I love everything else about the car

DeVille SEDAN North Star Engine

Should always be a way to fix a car without it costing $10 grand with no guarantee

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DeVille Northstar

Good overall

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DeVille Sedan 4.6L DOHC 275 hp

Will not buy another Deville or the new DTS

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DeVille Northstar 4.6 liter

Best car all around I ever had (than even the previous two caddies, a 1985 and a 1990!

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DeVille Northstar

I love this car

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DeVille Concours 4.6 V8 Northstar

Stay Away! Lemon!

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DeVille Sedan 4.6 Litre

The 1996 Cadillac DeVille is a great car!!

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DeVille 4.6

Too many out -sourced components

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DeVille Sedan Deville

I Love my Cadillac

DeVille 4.9L Northstar

Still going strong at 168,000 miles, eats brakes

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