DeVille DTS 4.6L Northstar

Extremely comfortable, reliable car for the last 16 years

160 words

DeVille Base model 4.6L V8

Basic transportation and a money pit

220 words, 10 comments

DeVille DHS NorthStar

It's a love-hate relationship

599 words


Sweet misery

198 words


It is a nightmare

208 words, 1 comment


Good when it was new

109 words, 1 comment

DeVille DTS 4.6L Northstar

Luxury and refinement, wonderful technology

356 words

DeVille Northstar

What is wrong with GM... don't they WANT to sell more cars?

50 words, 5 comments


Great Car!

267 words, 1 comment


I'd buy another one, but a newer model with way less miles!

268 words



71 words


I am happy with this vehicle

65 words, 2 comments

DeVille DTS 4.6 Northstar

Great car. Please Cadillac, don't dump the V8.

146 words

DeVille 4.6

A thing of beauty

135 words, 1 comment

DeVille Base 4.6L

Wouldn't spend a lot for one

171 words

DeVille 4.6L

What a shame!

311 words, 3 comments

DeVille Northstar V8

If you're going to be a chauffeur, might as well drive a Cadillac

128 words


Window regulators unacceptable

58 words


Another GM lemon? I certainly hope not

115 words

DeVille DTS Northstar V8

It's a nice car if you can afford the maintenance

116 words, 1 comment

DeVille Northstar

This car does not meet my standards

124 words

DeVille DHS V8

Great car, bad workmanship

56 words


A good car for long distance driving, but take your tools

55 words

DeVille DHS Northstar

Will buy another one for sure

179 words


Car has a few problems that I cannot fix

22 words, 3 comments

DeVille DHS Northstar V8

I like the car, but feel GM could have done better in the design

295 words, 2 comments

DeVille DTS

I wouldn't purchase the car new.

55 words

DeVille dhs

This car is not worth the money

70 words, 1 comment

DeVille 3.2 Northstar

An upgrade for 97-99 De-ville Owners

28 words

DeVille dhs northstar

Doesn't have the level of manufacturing quality found in Cadillacs 15 years ago

90 words, 1 comment

DeVille DHS 4.6L V8

Nice car, but lots of trouble

137 words, 9 comments

DeVille Sedan

Except for some problems, a wonderful car!

133 words, 177 comments

DeVille Sedan 275 HP V-8

A sporty and luxurious car, GREAT!!

15 words