2000 Cadillac Deville reviews from North America

Deville Base model 4.6L V8

Basic transportation and a money pit

220 words, 7 comments

Deville DHS NorthStar

It's a love-hate relationship

599 words


Sweet misery


It is a nightmare


Good when it was new

Deville DTS 4.6L Northstar

Luxury and refinement, wonderful technology

356 words

Deville Northstar

What is wrong with GM... don't they WANT to sell more cars?

50 words, 5 comments


Great Car!


I'd buy another one, but a newer model with way less miles!




I am happy this this vehicle

Deville DTS 4.6 Northstar

Great car. Please Cadillac, don't dump the V8.

146 words

Deville 4.6

A thing of beauty

135 words, 1 comment

Deville Base 4.6L

Wouldn't spend a lot for one

171 words

Deville 4.6L

What a shame!

311 words, 3 comments

Deville Northstar V8

If you're going to be a chauffeur, might as well drive a Cadillac

128 words


Window regulators unacceptable


Another GM lemon? I certainly hope not

Deville DTS Northstar V8

It's a nice car if you can afford the maintenance

116 words, 1 comment

Deville Northstar

This car does not meet my standards

124 words

Deville DHS V8

Great car, bad workmanship

56 words


A good car for long distance driving, but take your tools

Deville DHS Northstar

Will buy another one for sure

179 words


Car has a few problems that I cannot fix

Deville DHS Northstar V8

I like the car, but feel GM could have done better in the design

295 words, 2 comments

Deville DTS

I wouldn't purchase the car new.

Deville dhs

This car is not worth the money

Deville 3.2 Northstar

An upgrade for 97-99 De-ville Owners

28 words

Deville dhs northstar

Doesn't have the level of manufacturing quality found in Cadillacs 15 years ago

90 words, 1 comment

Deville DHS 4.6L V8

Nice car, but lots of trouble

137 words, 9 comments

Deville Sedan

Except for some problems, a wonderful car!

Deville Sedan 275 HP V-8

A sporty and luxurious car, GREAT!!

15 words