2001 Cadillac DeVille reviews from North America


Great car; I blame the dealership and manufacturer :-(

DeVille DHS

Very costly

DeVille fuel injected

Love it when it works. Sucks when it needs fixing

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Would trade it in if I could afford to

DeVille Base 4.6 Northstar

Expensive piece of junk

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BEWARE -- Too many problems!! Expensive parts

DeVille DHS Northstar

A high maintenance love affair

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DeVille DHS 4.6 Northstar

Comfortable, powerful, good traction with trailers

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DeVille Base

It's a true AMERICAN luxury car

DeVille DHS V8

Very poor quality, I have had my first and last Cadillac!!!

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DeVille DHS Northstar

Worst car I've ever had

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DeVille DTS

Great car; just needs a few kinks worked out

DeVille DTS

It would be nice if I could drive it



DeVille DTS 4.6

A quality disappointment

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DeVille DHS Northstar

It is a beautiful machine in most all ways with the exception of the vibration noted above

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DeVille 4.6 V8 (Northstar)

Absolutely Beautiful-- totally love it!

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A wonderful comfortable automobile

DeVille 4.6


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DeVille DHS 4.6L Northstar

An expensive car, but worth the money

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DeVille DHS

Cadillac DHS 2001 very big disappointment

DeVille DTS Northstar

This is not what I paid for

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