20th Jul 2011, 22:07

My advise to the person who purchased the 2000 Cadillac Deville and Cadillac engine for $2677. I think you made a big mistake!

There is no such thing as an 11 year old Cadillac Deville in excellent condition.

Having the engine installed will cost you another $1400 and up. The engine you purchased with 42,000 miles could be as bad as the one it replaced. Don't waste your money, you can do better.

I'm sorry to inform you, but the 2000-2005 Devilles are problems. Problems that came from the GM factory. You'll need lots of cash or a gold card for repairs. Most of the comments and remarks you read are true. I wish you luck. I'll never buy another Cadillac.


19th Aug 2011, 11:24

My experience with my '01 Deville parallels that of most of the others: lots of failures.

Three of the four window regulators have gone out... paid the dealer $700 to do the first one, but I replaced the other two myself, purchasing them from Partstrain.com, a year or so apart for under $50 each. A pain, but that is three out of four failures.

Have had a myriad of other problems; AC, motor support, and now the digital speedometer reads zero with Service Engine Soon light on... Odometer doesn't work, nor cruise control. I am told it is probably the "Vehicle Speed Sensor", on the transmission allegedly... just bolted on... but have been trying to find it for over a week, including jacking the car up and spending an afternoon under it. No success.

I love the ride, but hate the problems.

1st Nov 2011, 13:25

Couldn't agree more, I've changed 3 window monitors, the water pump twice, a reconditioned torque converter, several mounts, $$$$$$$$$$$$$, and the list goes on.

If I wasn't so in need of a car, I should of gotten rid of this car (2001 Devillle DHS) a long time ago. Besides being smooth (when working properly), and its stylish looks, at this point that's all I like about my car. Can't wait to be done with this car. Seriously, GM owes me money.

19th Dec 2011, 18:23

Internet replacement regulator lasted one month. Replaced with one from NAPA with warranty. Cost $108 and took me 1 hour to install once I learned how to remove door panel properly.

6th Feb 2016, 18:57

As a mechanic, I work on Deville Cadillac Northstar engines all the time; there are three in my shop now. Cadillac does have a problem with the coolant causing overheating, ultimately blowing the head gasket. This is caused lots of times by mixing antifreezes, causing the coolant to gel. I have seen this numerous times. The only repair for blown head gaskets is an engine change.

The problem with the window regulator is the nylon cable connection. The cable leaks out of the nylon bracket and the window regulator has to be replaced. On older model Caddys I have replaced lots of window motors, but very few regulators.

I have replaced probably over 50 regulators on the ones with nylon bracket, but no motors.

If you have a Caddy running good, keep it and drive your money out of it. If you need any antifreeze, please totally flush the engine coolant, and totally replace.