16th Aug 2010, 09:59

I purchased a 2001 DHS in October 2009, since that time a ground wire has had to be replaced and a head gasket. Also, outside of the head gasket problem it had an oil leak on the bottom of the engine as well.

While the engine was out of the car for the aforementioned repairs, they found that the alternator was bad as well. The catalyst that got the ball rolling on all of this was that I had the car running as I was standing outside of it talking to a friend, there was a huge boom which was the bursting of the lower radiator hose.

It is a beautiful car, no doubt about it, but it drinks oil like a drunken sailor with a Visa Black card.

Yesterday I was cleaning the outside of the car while the radio was playing, the car was not running and that 30 minute time period drained the battery dead! AAA jumped me and tested the battery 4 times each time it tested good. I love the car but man, oh man I don't trust it now.

I love Cadillac, but I really want to trade this on a different model. If anyone knows the reason for the drained battery please advise.

Good luck to all DHS owners... I believe we need it. asblackman@gmail.com.

28th Aug 2010, 01:50

To all of you who are considering buying a Cadillac Deville or STS year 2000 - 2006 please reconsider. These vehicles should have been recalled by GM. Other than a smooth ride, these vehicles are plagued with electronic and mechanical problems. I know people with low and high mileage Cadillacs, and they have had the same problems:

1. Excessive oil usage

2. Transmission problems (crankshaft problems)

3. Water pump and overheating problems

4. Various sensors problems

5. Tire vibrations

6. Subwoofer rattling

7. Mystery mechanical noises

8. Extreme repair costs

9. Issues, issues, issues.

There are better autos out there with far less problems. GM had to be aware of these issues and failed to do anything. My dream car (Cadillac) was a big disappointment.

Mr. Never Buy Another Cadillac.

29th Aug 2010, 13:44

While driving my DTS, my brake lights sticks. When I drive over a bump in the road they go off then back on. Could it be a bulb in the brake light that's out?

13th Oct 2010, 12:10

Owner of a 2000 Cadillac Deville DHS:

Bought this car with 156K miles.

Car has shaking problems under 70 MPH.

CD player never worked (reads CD error).

Sunroof has been unplugged due to opening on its own (when raining... LOL!).

Service engine light stays on.

Driver nor front passenger power/eated seats are working.

Overall, the car is a head turner and ready for the highway...

24th Apr 2011, 20:08

I own a 2002 DeVille and I was told by the dealer that the car used a quart of oil in between oil changes. That's not true. I use two and half quarts of oil going 823 miles and my car only had 52.000 miles.

All the windows regulators had to be changed. One of them I changed 2 times.

I now have 126.000 thousand miles and I have an oil pan leak. I had done some research and most of the cars with that type of engine develop an oil pan leak. I just think that some of these problems should be fixed by Cadillac for free.

28th Apr 2011, 11:58

Had the same problem with my 01 DeVille. I found the large ground wire from the alternator bracket to the car frame was completely corroded off. A lot of gadgets on this car will not work when this happens.

9th May 2011, 21:32

Change both crank sensors. They are located at the front side of the engine behind the exhaust manifold and engine mount, one on top of the other. The hardest part is getting them unplugged.

3rd Jun 2011, 20:46

I had the same problem on my 1999 Cadillac Deville. The mechanic stated it was the hubs. After three years and two sets of hubs, a mechanic found it to be the ABS module. I drove with the same light going on for three years. I got an ABS module from the LKQ junk yard for a $100.00. Cadillac want a $1,000. Car has had no recurrence of the stability light with the used part.

28th Jun 2011, 19:41

That was great lol!!!

3rd Jul 2011, 01:37

2001 Deville DHS Original owner. The car just turned 100,000 miles.

Other than the dealer rebuilding the bottom half of the motor (to cure oil consumption), I have only experienced 2 issues, which are the driver's side A/C blowing cool as opposed to the passenger side blowing cold, and the cigarette lighter outlet on right rear door not working!

After reading ALL the problems listed from the beginning of this thread, I am inclined to sell the car immediately.

I love my DHS. It has been garage kept, and has had synthetic Mobil 1 and premium fuel used since the first oil change and 2nd tank of fuel. It has every option available (including leather top installed by GM licensed applicator).

My wife and I are both smokers, and have raised the windows up/down thousands of times in 10 years. I just can't comprehend why almost everybody who wrote a comment mentioned having to replace the "plastic window parts" up to 4 times!!! Can somebody help me understand why I have not had the same problems???

Should I sell my DHS now BEFORE I experience the onset of these, almost inevitable, problems?

Thanks for your anticipated reply... Danny V.

3rd Jul 2011, 16:06

If you have a good Caddy, it makes sense that you hold on to it. The dealer is going to give you way back of wholesale blue book on it... why give it away to them when it still has a lot of value and is running good. In this day and age, when a basic Honda Civic is going for 19,000 before taxes and fees, it makes no sense getting rid of a good car. Especially since some of the older cars are built better than the newer ones, minus the car payment...

3rd Jul 2011, 17:50

Personally I think it is a bad idea to sell a car you are happy with, based on someone else's bad experience. After all, Cadillac had to get some of these cars right.

In regard to the window issue, my guess is that your windows have continued to work well because you use them regularly. In many cases, these power windows are rarely used, and the parts become old and brittle, then when they are used, they fail.

19th Jul 2011, 22:49

July 16, 2011 I bought a 2000 Cadillac DeVille DHS. I paid $977.00 for the car, and also a new engine that has 42,000 miles on it. I bought the engine because the one in the car was bad. In total I spent $2,677.00.

With all the bad reviews I saw about this car, I would like to know if I made the right choice? The car is in excellent condition except for the bad engine. Could someone tell me if I made a good choice or not, so I can get my money back?

This is my first Cadillac. Maybe I should sell it to the junkyard. I will not get what I paid for it, but it will be better than taking on a headache. I do not need this problem right now.

I wish I had seen these comments before I even purchased the car. What should I do? The car is very very nice and fully loaded, but I don't need the problems. I have not put in the engine as yet to get the car on the road, because I just purchased it. I don't know what to do. Please give me your advice America!!