20th Jul 2008, 12:08

01 Deville

Been a devoted Cadillac owner for >20yrs, and with each newer one I buy, the quality drops off.

85 Deville: weak engine, decent otherwise.

94 Deville (still driving 140k miles) ; fit/finish off, warranty work for a lot of small stuff. (dash pad, speakers, etc.)

2001 Deville (1yr old at purchase, 53K to date) : various sensor failures, other petty stuff, spitting black sticky foam from a/c vents (on wife's white sweater!). Dealer said they wouldn't fix. Uncomfortable car, vs older ones. All 4 window regulators died (never used the rears!). I repaired them substituting the nylon with fabricated steel pc., and they work great.

Also owned a 58 Convertable, 64 Sedan Deville but that's a whole different era!

Needless to say, I'm done with Cadillac, as they're no longer the car that they were; just another run of the mill car.

30th Aug 2008, 22:33

Wow, just got a 2001 DHS and am terrified of what's to come.

23rd Sep 2008, 17:58

Just bought a 2001 Deville in August, the dealer did $2000 of work before putting it on the lot (cam shaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, 2 tires, etc.)

Beautiful car inside and out, garage kept.

Then the problems started. Had 2000 worth of work done on it so far. Brakes, rear air suspension, trans fluid flush, motor mounts (they cause harsh shifting believe it or not), oil change, etc. Did I mention that it only had 58,000 miles on it.

Was great out of the shop, much better ride and no more vibrations. Went to the beach about 150 miles away. On the way back the engine started to over heat, but not to a dangerous level. Service engine soon light upon next start. Had to have both fans replaced! They were turning slowly and causing a sensor to trip. Good thing this car has so many sensors... it needs them. Hopefully that is it for awhile.

Just replaced the car with a new 2009 Malibu for a daily driver. Keeping the caddy in the garage as an occasional driver. Hopefully it will not need anything for awhile.

Still love the car because it is extremely comfortable, roomy, and stylish, but I wish it was more reliable and less costly to maintain. I expected a used car to have some issues, but this was extreme.

26th Sep 2008, 15:05

Just bought a 2001 DTS with 100,000 km. Comfortable. Nice handling. Great acceleration. Driver's seat heater doesn't work. Stability control comes on without reason (on summer road) in town and slows the vehicle to a crawl for a few seconds. Will repeat until I shift to neutral and shut off vehicle for a few seconds. I hear the control for this function is expensive. Any alternatives? Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions. You can send to: phopkins@mts.net.

25th Oct 2008, 17:49

I have a question; I have a 2001 Caddy Deville with 150k on it. I had the car looked at and the guy said I need a new torque converter or new tranny. I live in Nebraska; I need to drive this car down to Dotha Alabama. My question is with a bad torque converter, will my car make the round trip down there and back?

1st Nov 2008, 00:33

I have an 01 DHS, and it just got cold, and I noticed both front heated seats are out. I ran a jump line from one of the rear lines and got the bottom drivers seat hot, so I located all the modules and switch the back ones to the front and front to back, still no heat in front, but the back seats are hot. So I have come to the conclusion there must be another fuse or relay for both fronts. Anybody have any idea where and what the problem could be?

15th Nov 2008, 20:41

2001 DHS: What a nightmare, this is probably one of the most problematic vehicles I have ever owned in my 47 years on this earth, and I have owned several Cadillacs. I have lived to regret selling my first 1967 Deville Convertible (what an idiot I was), anyway, here it is:

This car has given me problems with the door motors; all four have died over the last couple of years, one of them the first year I bought the car (fixed by the dealer then), but since I have learned how to fix them, simply take the door apart and re-tie the stupid plastic string that operates the riser, you don't even need any parts (LOL).

Then other problems started, every sensor imaginable has been activated, some I did not even know it had, they constantly keep me on a state of paranoia and stress on my daily one an a half hour commute (one way), I live in fear that it is going to blow up any minute, or worse die on me at the maximum speed limit (seven times while exiting a freeway), when I least needed it to do so (you know road emergencies).

The scam with the transmission is just that, somekind of conspiracy by General Motors to sell us more "TCC" sensors ($1800 to $2000.00) to fix it, so your "check engine" light can be reset. I refuse to do so, the car has had this problem for seven years now, and the transmission runs great.

The seat sensor, the cruise sensor, the radio, the A/C, the heat, etc.. you name it, the car is a "nightmare in America" The folks at GM (Cadillac) are probably laughing their ass off as they read this.

Oh yeah, the oil guzzling engine (Nortstar), that is exactly what it is, but it won't quit (you got to give them credit). I am currently drilling for my own well in my backyard to maintain this car (LOL). They are right, if you floor the accelerator you can actually see the smoke behind you "clear-up".

Hey, what about the dashboard lights, every single one comes on at least once during my drive (what a trip, it's like Christmas every day), you got to be laughing hard, this is the truth and is funny.

The funny part is that I paid about $50,000.00 for this model (you know, a state of stupidity at the time, I fell for the beautiful black leather, or is it?), anyway, I gotta go, I think the DHS just drove off on it own, and gave me the finger. Anyone interested in starting a "class action lawsuit" let me know. Having fun in California.

21st Nov 2008, 21:51

I purchased my 2001 Cadillac Deville about a year 1/2 ago with 87,000 miles. The previous owner had all the records and everything was up to date.

Great car. No major problems. The car uses a quart of oil about every 900 miles and my rear deck speaker started to rattle. Found a deck speaker at a wrecking yard for $40.

My service engine light came on but the dealer reset it and said it wasn't nothing to worry about. No other complaints at this point. Loving my Cadillac in Texas.

28th Nov 2008, 16:01

Hi, any help would be great.

I have a 2001 DTS with 134,000 miles. At speeds between 50 and 60, it has a bad shake that seems to worsen every day, then at 60 and above there is a vibration, but not nearly as bad.

Could it be the struts?

Any help would be great.